Don’t drop guard on Bill 10, stop PF from enacting it, Andyford urges citizens

People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) president Andyford Banda has warned Zambians not to drop guard but remain vigilant and stop the PF from sneaking the controversial bill 10 for enactment in parliament without their knowledge.

In a statement, Banda urged civil society organisations in the country to sensitise Zambians on the dangers posed by the Constitution Amendment Bill 10 if enacted.

He charged that PF was lying to citizens that there was a new Bill 10 which did not have controversial clauses.

“The People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) is urging the opposition and Civil Society Organisations to sensitise Zambians on the dangers posed by the Constitution Amendment Bill 10 if enacted. Stakeholders must take advantage of the deferment of the enactment of the controversial Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 to February next year to make people understand that the Bill is not people driven but only serves the interest of one stakeholder the Patriotic Front. We wonder why the PF is insisting on enacting Bill 10 when Zambians are against many clauses which are retrogressive. The lies by PF therefore that there is a new Bill 10 are an indication that they will stop at nothing to ensure that this Bill is enacted against the will of the people,” stated Banda.

“PAC is aware and knows that there is no new Bill 10. Those are just recommendations from a select committee. Bill 10 must be a representation of people’s views and cannot be enacted to serve the interest of Politicians alone. We therefore appeal to the Zambian people to be vigilant and stop the Patriotic Front from sneaking the bill for enactment in parliament without their knowledge. PAC is opposed to every manoeuvre by the PF to enact the Bill against the Will of the people and without the consent of all stakeholders.”

The PAC leader further advised the PF to embrace calls for dialogue over the Constitution with various stakeholders to revise issues raised over the matter.

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