Acting Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Stephen Kampyongo says the expansion of the broadcasting and media industry in the country is a result of the good policies of President Edgar Lungu who has allowed people to freely criticise him.

Speaking when he launched Radio Delight Kwitonta in Chinsali, Wednesday, Kampyongo, however, noted that there is need for responsible information disseminators to protect the journalism profession.

“Therefore, government has liberalized the airwaves in a manner that ensures responsibility and equity. This shows that radio and TV have formed the key components of the broadcasting sector and have significantly expanded over the years through the good policies of his Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has allowed people to criticize him and he has allowed people to speak freely but like we heard from the permanent secretary, we need to have responsible information disseminators in you our journalists so that your profession is not compromised,” Kampyongo, who is also Home Affairs Minister, said.

He noted the importance of embracing technology as a step towards improving people’s lives.

To this effect, digital broadcasting technologies is here with us and hence we have to embrace as a major step towards improving our people’s lives. The vision of his Excellency the president and his government is to develop an information and media industry capable of bringing about well-informed citizenry, motivated to embrace democratic governance, national development and continued access to diverse information. I have brought good news to the people of Muchinga Province today; government, through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services, has made significant advances in liberalizing the airwaves thus allowing private sector participation in the broadcasting sector. This has resulted in the opening of a number of community and commercial radio stations countrywide, among them the one we are witnessing here today,” said Kampyongo.

Speaking at the same event, Muchinga Province permanent secretary Joyce Nsamba said the provincial administration would fully support the newly launched radio station.

Nsamba urged the members of staff at the new radio station to observe the highest levels of professionalism and give equal coverage to political and developmental stakeholders in the Province.