National Democratic Congress (NDC) vice-president Josephs Akafumba says the PF has subjected many Zambians to an extremely high cost of living which only a superhuman being can survive.

And Akafumba has insisted that the PF is a dead party awaiting burial in 2021, owing to their poor management of Zambia’s economy, which has increased poverty levels.

In an interview, Akafumba said the current high cost of living had made it extremely difficult for majority Zambians to survive.

He said it was disappointing that during the recent PF central committee meeting, no economic solutions were discussed but the ruling party opted to only discuss President Edgar Lungu’s sole candidacy.

“What we are seeing now is a leadership that has lost touch with reality. It is a leadership that doesn’t know that when you are given a position to lead others, it is a privilege and not a right. When the people voted for the PF in 2016, they gave them a responsibility to be in charge of national wealth and also in charge of driving the economy of this country. But what we are seeing, now is that the cost of living is extremely high. In order to survive, you must be a superhuman! The only people who are living above board are the people who are in PF or connected to PF. You and me, including all those households who are free from politics, all of us are below sea-level! We are barely surviving!” Akafumba exclaimed.

“This is a government or a leadership that does not care. Can you imagine, just a few days ago, they had their central committee meeting, which one would have expected at that level, they’re going to discuss the high cost of living and its effects on the people. But what they discussed was that they were just endorsing Edgar Lungu for 2021 for their sole candidate! So, their pre-occupation is how to survive, politically. Now, they don’t know who is going to vote for them. They have caused hunger; they have caused poverty levels, now, they have gone back to the same people to donate.”

He said the PF’s continued donations in churches and in other townships was a pure mockery to the current economic situation.

“This is typical of dictatorship! All over the world, this is what dictators do! They subject their people to severe hunger, severe poverty and strip them of their dignity. Once you subject people to such levels and then at the crucial time like now, they’re now coming to drop the grain, and to the starving masses, they will appear to be saviours. To the churches that they’re giving donations, they will appear to be: ‘Lungu is saving us, PF in general are giving us roofing sheets, they’re giving us money’, forgetting that Zambians have found themselves in this situation because of the leadership that is completely lost,” he lamented.

“All this poverty was caused by the PF leadership. And now, after causing all this poverty, they’re now going back with money and cement, which they know that churches and other Zambians cannot afford. So, for now, the way the human mind works, they will appear to be saviours.”

And Akafumba insisted that the PF was a dead party, arguing that it should not be allowed to continue beyond 2021.

“So, this is a party that has completely failed and they shouldn’t be allowed to proceed. PF, today, is no longer in intensive care, PF now is in the morgue! They are awaiting burial on the 11th of August, 2021. So, people should make sure that on the 11th of August, 2021, PF is put to rest. Let us have order in this country,” urged Akafumba.

“PF is not there; PF finished long time ago. Unless one wants to behave like a stubborn house fly, which ended up being buried together with the corpse then, yes, one can go to PF. PF is not there and us, we are not stubborn house flies to be buried together with PF on 11th August, 2021. There is no normal person who can join PF; let them just prepare for their exit!”