President Edgar Lungu says the Patriotic Front’s main focus is beyond the 2021 general elections by trying to better the lives of the future generation.

And President Lungu says like an eagle, Zambia shall soar to higher heights above whatever challenges and setbacks it is currently going through.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony to mark the commencement of the construction of the new PF headquarters in Lusaka, Saturday, President Lungu said the PF was beyond politics of populism.

“We are not merely focused on the next general elections. But our focus goes beyond elections to the next generation of Zambians, and even those not yet born in order that they may inherit a better Zambia than it is today. We are a party relevant to the future as we are to the present. To Zambians, ‘Patriotic Front’ means development through industrialisation,” President Lungu said.

“The PF is steering the nation towards our destiny of making Zambia a middle income country by the year 2030, and a fully developed country by 2064. We look at the bigger picture. We will, therefore, not sacrifice the greater good for the sake of short term populism and politicking. We are visionary builders and developers; and we in the Patriotic Front are the prime agents of national unity. We will, therefore, never abrogate on our commitment to develop Zambia without leaving anyone behind.”

And President Lungu said Zambia would soar above its challenges.

“The PF has proved its relevance to the Zambian people and this is obvious for all to see. This is why today, we are able to take this bold step to put up the party’s new headquarters. The positive impacts that the PF has so far scored since we first formed government in 2011 are evident across the country. No one and no region has been left behind. As a party we remain resolute in implementing the seventh national development plan which is inspired by the Patriotic Front manifesto,” President Lungu said.

“As a party, we acknowledge the enormous challenges that the country has been facing. Some of the challenges include climate change a natural phenomenon which has adversely affected our country. Despite the economic challenges being experienced, the Patriotic Front is firmly focused on a path towards inclusive and sustainable industrial development. Like an eagle, Zambia shall soar to higher heights above whatever challenges and setbacks we are currently going through.”

He said the construction of the new party headquarters was a sign that the party had continued to grow and expand.

“There is no doubt that we have continued to grow and expand the party based on this firm foundation. Above all, we have continued to build and anchor the party on the sure and concrete foundation of the almighty God. Therefore, I am certain that whatever the PF is building, be it structures or indeed the party through the mobilisation exercise, we will not build in vain because we build in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, and for the benefit of all Zambians,” he said.

“We gather today to witness this ground-breaking. This is symbolic in so many ways: Our party since forming government in 2011 has been breaking ground, building and developing infrastructure. We have transformed the whole country by building roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure which support socio-economic development and better the lives of our people. We continue to leave an indelible footprint of infrastructure development across our country and more Zambians are now able to access vital socio services such as health, education, including, water and sanitation services. The PF has been building, and is still putting up infrastructure in sectors such as health, education and transport. Ultimately, the greatest infrastructure we continue to build are the lives of our people. We build our citizens capacities, including our children’s education and the overall prosperity of all people across Zambia without leaving anyone behind.”

President Lungu said the PF would continue being a pro-poor party.

“As we break this ground today, and as we embark on building this structure, we should not forget that from the time the Patriotic Front was established in 2001, it was founded as a mass movement with a pro-poor vision. Let us, therefore, never lose sight of our party’s ultimate core value of building the lives of ordinary citizens, and improving their welfare. As a political party anchored on the grassroots, let us continue to remain firmly rooted on the ground, and let us continue to be responsive to the needs and aspirations of ordinary Zambians across our country’s ten provinces. It is in our nature as a party to build the nation rather than destroy it; it is inherent in us as a party to gather Zambians rather than dividing them,” said President Lungu.

“In this regard, I wish to encourage all of us to unite towards building the party’s grassroot structures block by block; structure by structure. We are all building blocks and as a team if we pull in different directions we will be doomed as a party. icalo bantu! it goes without saying that the patriotic front is a fortress of the people, and each one of us is a vital block. As a party, we have defied tribalism and regionalism yet our members hail from all regions of the country. We are a national party. The Patriotic Front is a party of national character, and this is what gives it comparative advantage, and makes us uniquely strong and relevant.”