I won’t exculpate myself, my allegiance is to MMD and not Nevers – Kabanda

Serenje MMD member of parliament Maxwell Kabanda says he has not breached the party constitution for him to exculpate himself to any individual, including to court-endorsed party president Nevers Mumba.

Last month, soon after winning the MMD party presidency battle in the courts, Mumba summoned all elected MMD members of parliament to appear before him within seven days or face disciplinary action.

But in an interview, Kabanda said he did not need to exculpate himself to anyone because he did not breach any clause in the party constitution and that his allegiance was to the party, not to an individual.

“What offence have we committed for us to exculpate ourselves because for one to exculpate themselves, you must have committed an offence? So, what offence are we being charged with? Our allegiance is to the party, which we belong to, and not to an individual. We cannot have allegiances to an individual because individuals come and go. We haven’t breached the party constitution,” Kabanda argued.

Meanwhile, the member of parliament has completed the construction of a girls’ dormitory and donated 10 bunker beds worth around K200,000 from his personal resources to Chimupati Secondary School in Serenje District.

“I was just donating 10 beds to Chimupati Secondary School for the girl-child dormitory. 10 bunker beds were donated…to the girls’ dormitory, which we also constructed. I constructed that through my personal resources and even the bunker beds, I bought them from my personal resources. The construction of a dormitory was about K185,000 and the bunker beds were bought at about K15,000,” said Kabanda.

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Henry Kombe Mulenga
Henry Kombe Mulenga

These are some of the reasons why some of us have decided to leave MMD because you can not have a shrud leader in the likes of Dr Nevers Mumba with such dictatorial tendancies and expect the party to grow.First of all,the Honourable Member of Serenje Central he is intimidating and even any other serving MMD Parlimentarian we’re not a product of his leadership but that of Hon Felix C Mutati.In the event of Court’s handing the MMD Presidency to Dr Mumba the only reasonable thing the now leader according to the Court’s Judgement could have done was to call… Read more »


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