South-Africa based Nigerian prophet Seer 1 says Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili should not talk rubbish about things she doesn’t know but continue enjoying free food and money which she gets for doing nothing.

And Seer 1 says he is not afraid of being sued by the PF ministers whom he will name this Sunday because they will not be alive to consult a lawyer.

Speaking in a Facebook live video on his page dubbed “Prophet Anointed CFM”, Wednesday night, Seer 1 said Rev Sumaili should desist from talking about things she knows nothing about.

“I also saw the response from the Minister of Religious Affairs. Mama, I respect you so much but the problem is that you don’t know what you are doing. They created an office for you [and] you don’t even know what you are doing there, you don’t even know what the office is there for. So, that is why you can even come on TV and say can’t you see that Seer 1 is a Satanist,” Seer 1 said.

“You don’t know what you are talking about because you are eating free money and free food. People are suffering and you don’t talk about it. Bishop Kazhila was arrested and you don’t talk about it. People are going through hell, you don’t talk about it but immediately you heard that it was Seer 1, you say ‘can’t you see that he is a Satanist.’ Have you seen satan before? This Religious Affairs Minister that is talking rubbish that Seer 1 is talking rubbish, that woman doesn’t even know how to pray if I want I can visit her tonight. She is saying I am a Satanist, if I am a Satanist then you are a Jesusnist. I was in Zambia for seven years but you didn’t deliver me and what you did was to deport me…Her only job is to call for national prayer.”

And asked by one of his followers if he was not afraid of being sued by those he would name as some of the beneficiaries of his powers, Seer 1 said they wouldn’t be alive to consult a lawyer.

“Are they going to be alive to meet a lawyer or to go to court? You don’t know power, my brother. Leave those ones for me,” he threatened.

Seer 1 said he had refused to secretly address the issue because of the arrogance exhibited by PF officials.

“Some people are calling saying Seer 1 who are those people? Why did you give them 20 days? I gave them 20 days because, in this thing, we need time. In the realm of the spirit, there is time for everything. So, on Sunday I am still going to proceed with what I said that I am going to do. Many of them called my mother to say ‘speak to Seer 1 so that Seer 1 does not go ahead with the mentioning of the names’. Even today, some senior government officials were calling me saying ‘Seer 1, we don’t want bloodshed in Zambia. These people came to you secretly and you have to address their issues secretly.’ I will not address those issues secretly because they are arrogant,” Seer 1 said.

“When you receive power to favor, the power to win elections and when you win elections, you must know that you won in order to serve the people [and] not to become a user and start beating people and stealing from them. A road that will cost US $10 million, you say it will cost US $100 million, buying useless things in the name of development. This is why I am saying that you must return what you got from me. And many of them are saying that Seer 1 what about the musicians? I blessed a lot of musicians with supernatural power. They are my products. But I don’t want to talk about them. My target this time is the politicians because musicians are not the problem that we are having in Zambia or you are having in Zambia.”

He said he had been making people win elections using “Do as I say power” and that he would continue doing so.

“Those people that came to me and took power and they are using it to oppress the people. Let me tell you what “do as I say” does. When you receive “do as I say” it gives you power to control things. Even during voting, you don’t know what you are doing. Those people that I gave power, you will vote for them whether you like it or not. That is why many of you will complain to say ‘this party is not doing well’ but after elections, you see that they are winning and you don’t even know why they are winning. That is the power that I am talking about. I fear nothing. I don’t even care and I don’t even know what fear looks like. Whether you like me or not, it doesn’t change anything. Millions of people still come to me and I give them power and I will not stop,” he said.

“So many of you are complaining now to say mealie-meal is high, this and that, there is no electricity but during the election, you can go and vote for the wrong candidate if I don’t take those things from the wrong candidate. That is why I want to take it from them and I must take it. Many of you are too young to understand it.”

Seer 1 said he did not help UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema because he hated him, preferring President Edgar Lungu whom he thought was humble.

“I see someone say that Seer 1 you are behind our suffering. Yes I am and I regret helping them. I regret from the bottom of my heart. I am behind the suffering. I hated HH, I hated that guy. I never met him. The time I was about to meet him, I said ‘no I am not going to meet him.’ I hated him for nothing. One of the people that I showed the evidence in Zambia was Chilufya Tayali. I showed him the names of the people that I helped them to win elections. I never met HH and I will not even meet him,” Seer 1 said.

“People are saying “HH bought Seer 1” but how much will HH give me? He is an ordinary man. When HH wants to withdraw money, he goes to the bank with an ATM card to but when I want to withdraw money from the bank, I don’t go there with an ATM, I just go inside, collect money and go. I don’t need anything. Nobody can buy me. HH can’t buy me because he doesn’t have that money to buy me. UPND can’t buy me, they don’t have money. I don’t actually love HH and it is because I don’t love him that I didn’t help him.”

Meanwhile, Seer 1 insisted that it was a great mistake to help PF get into office.

“My office every night was loaded by politicians collecting “do as I say” from Seer 1. The reason why a leader will come out in the open and say ‘nothing will happen, we are still going to win elections,’ is because of that power. And that is why I want that power back. I will get that power back and I will burn them because I want them to lose elections in 2021 and they will lose. I loved President Lungu but I didn’t know that it was the greatest mistake that I was making by helping him. I don’t want the PF to win the elections in 2021. People must vote with clear eyes and not in the influence of ‘do as I say power’,” said Seer 1.