THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has set June 9 polling day for the Nakato and Imalyo wards in Mongu and Bulilo wards in Chilubi.

In a statement, Thursday, ECZ public relations manager Margaret Chimanse stated the commission had also set May 19, 2020 as day of nominations for candidates.

All the by elections were necessitated following the resignations of the councilors.

“Electoral Commission of Zambia has prescribed Tuesday 9th June as the date on which to hold the polls for local government by election In Nakato and Imalyo wards of Mongu Town council in Western Province and Bulilo wards of Chilubi Town Council in Northern Province. The elections in Nakato, Imalya and Bulila wards had been necessitated by resignations of incumbent councillors,” Chimanse stated.

“Aspiring candidates in the by election should lodge completed and attested statutory declaration and nomination papers subscribed before a a magistrate, local court magistrate, Head of government primary or secondary school, principal of a college, commissioner of oaths, election officer on Tuesday 19th May 2020 between 09:00hrs and 15:00hrs. Aspiring candidates in the local government ward by election should take along with them nine supporters who must be registered voters in the affected wards. Aspiring candidates will be required to pay K750 for city and and municipal councils and K400 for district councils. The campaign period for these elections commences on Tuesday 19th of May 2020 after 15:00 hours and will end 18:00hrs on Monday 8th June 2020.”

Chimanse stated that political parties were discouraged from holding public rallies and instead use appropriate campaign strategies such as mobile public address systems to avoid the contraction of COVID-19.

“The stakeholders and participating political parties are all required to observe the Ministry of Health guidelines and procedures on the prevention of COVID-19 at all times. The commission has also put in place measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and is appealing to the various stakeholders in the electoral process to observe the following: one; political parties are discouraged from holding public rallies to avoid the contraction of COVID-19; political parties and other stakeholders are encouraged to use appropriate campaign strategies such as mobile public address system, distribution of flyers and other political party materials wit minimal or no contact with a crowd; political parties should desist from ferrying cadres from one district to the other for campaign in districts where by elections are taking place,” stated Chimanse.