SESHEKE UPND member of parliament Romeo Kangombe says Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo is dull.

And Kangombe says Hichilema’s popular new nick-name, Bally, is giving the PF sleepless nights.

Last week, Lusambo said calling Hichilema “Bally” was sh*t.

But commenting on this in an interview, Kangombe said Lusambo was very dull.

“First and foremost, I know my brother Bowman Lusambo, he is a very dull chap! He is a very dull chap! He can continue calling his President Spiderman; we have our own, who is Bally! President Hakainde Hichilema is not just Bally today, he has been Bally even in the past. Bally is someone who you can run to to get advice from; who you can get help from such a one. President HH has given many people advice who today have turned into useful citizens in this country. He has given help to many citizens who today have turned into useful citizens. For someone like Bowman to say he is not the original Bally…who is the original Bally that we do not know? What we have heard is that the PF are calling President Lungu the new spiderman; but he, unfortunately, does not match the spiderman we watched when we where growing up,” Kangombe said.

“Our Bally is not just a Bally who just helps, but he is also a prophetic Bally. I am saying he is a prophetic Bally because whatever advice he has given the people of Zambia way before 2011 and 2015 [is coming to pass]. We are able to see that this gentleman is just not a mere politician, but he is also a prophet, who can give advice that will benefit the nation, even in years to come. He talked about the plundering of resources and the leadership failure in PF since inception and the people of Zambia are able to see now. That is why the youths have realized that the only person we can run to in terms of the turnaround of the economy, in terms of employment, is Bally.”

And Kangombe said Hichilema’s nickname had badly affected PF members.

“So, our colleagues in the Patriotic Front…this word Bally has hit them badly! It has given them a low blow! They are not sleeping! We have seen them Googling all types of definitions. The people of Zambia and the youths have already resolved, this has been given to him by the youths, who realize the potential that lies in him, which unfortunately, the people of Zambia could not realize at the time. This time around, they have seen for themselves because what he prophesized in the past can be able to manifest; the failure of the PF leadership; the hiking of all the prices; the economic incarceration that we are in today…people are able to see. That is why they are saying Bally,” said Kangombe.

“Bally is someone who you can run to to get help; Bally is someone who can give you help amidst no one willing to give you help. So, I understand my brother, Bowman, like I said earlier, he is a dull chap! He needs to come to Sesheke for further lecturing, I am here to lecture him. In any case, president HH does not discriminate, even Bowman can come to the School of Bally, we can teach him when he realizes that this nation does not revolve around him, it revolves under these youths, who are unemployed.”