PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says there is need for people to venture into the garbage recycling business to create wealth and employment.

Speaking when he conducted a familiarization tour of the Chunga Dump Site in Matero constituency, President Lungu said people should stop complaining about lack of employment and find ways of making money out of trash.

“Trash is cash. Instead of complaining to say ‘no, nilibe nchito (I don’t have a job)’ people should be innovative and see how they can work out of the box and create employment,” President Lungu said.

He said the business does not only keep the city clean but also economically viable.

“Secondly, we need to go further than this. Let’s aggregate garbage from source, plastics separately from the household, paper and bottle separate so that as we dispose of them, it will be very easier for those who have intervening actions to solid waste management to do their part. You can see where we are now, it’s about keeping Lusaka clean and health and also making an economy a viable one from recycling businesses,” he said.

President Lungu has also asked the line ministries, together with the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC), to support such businesses in the best way they can.

“So, let us support them. I am sure the ministers here have their roles to play, Ministry of Planning, Finance, Local Government, and Commerce should also do their part. CEEC should also help them and give them support,” said President Lungu.

And speaking earlier when he conducted a similar tour at L&N Matrix Limited, President Lungu said gender balance was key and encouraged companies to be gender balanced as they employ.