ROAD Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) chief executive officer Gladwell Banda says the Zambia police is back with their speed traps on the roads after the termination of the contract with Intelligence Mobility Solutions (IMS).

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM breakfast show, Thursday, Banda said it will be irresponsible for motorists to over speed following the removal of speed cameras by IMS because the police are back with their speed traps.

“Publicity from the RTSA will get through to that to make sure that whilst the cameras for the IMS are out, we have got our colleagues that we work with, the Zambia police cameras are on, the ones that come on the road to monitor the speed. We know that these cameras have been out but for people to think that they can over speed is a huge cost to human life. They should abide by the law. But our colleagues the Zambia police are back with the cameras on the road,” Banda said.

But Banda refused to answer any questions relating to why the IMS contract was terminated saying that the public will be informed in due course.

“The contract was operating last year 2019 and looking at the deliverables of the project in terms of the technical issues and the financial issues, it was seen that we needed to have a comprehensive discussion so that we can have a situation where it’s a win-win concession between the concessionaire and the government. A comprehensive statement will come out soon for the public to know. It’s a matter which has got huge public interest. So, the cameras are not on the road until a time when there will be a comprehensive statement from government. This is a period where we need to wait until it comes out to the public domain on the issue of the contract. But currently, the discussions on the issue of the cameras are ongoing,” Banda said.

And asked if the termination of the speed cameras contract had anything to do with corruption, Banda responded saying; “as I stated earlier, the matter has got huge public concern. I am not going to comment on that because as you know our dear colleagues in the media that this is a matter that was in court. I am not going to comment until we get the issues right.”