PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy national chairman Davies Chama says Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube can continue dreaming about his ambitions to contest the party presidency.

And Chama in an interview said it is laughable that an educated lawyer like Fube does not understand the party constitution.

Reacting to Fube’s remarks last week that he does not recognise his expulsion from the PF because the Central Committee that expelled him had no mandate, Chama said the lawyer was hallucinating.

“First and foremost there is no vacancy in the party for the office of the president or whatever he is insinuating. He is a lawyer and as a lawyer, he should be able to understand. And if he is a member of the party as he claims, he seized to be a member of the party as far as the party is concerned. And it is in the public domain. Refusing to accept his expulsion, he can hallucinate. And anyone can hallucinate. If they tell you that you are not a member of this family, you can demand anything you want,” Chama said.

Chama said the Central Committee’s mandate was still valid until the next general conference.

“But as far as the party is concerned, the Central Committee made a decision and the Central Committee still has a mandate until the time we will go to the general conference. This is an old member of the party and he understands the party constitution and how this party has evolved over time. And even during the presidency of the late President Michael Chilufya Sata, he should understand how the party runs. But he just seems to be hallucinating anyway, and there is nothing we can do with his hallucination,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chama said Fube stood expelled and could only continue dreaming about becoming PF president.

“He can dream as much as he wants because any person has the right to dream. He has a lot of time to dream and so let him continue dreaming. Otherwise, he is not a member of the party and if you are not a member of the party and he can’t contest any position in the party. It’s as simple as that. Even a grade two pupil can easily understand that. If he cannot understand that as he calls himself that he is a lawyer, then I don’t know. Maybe you can explain to him. It’s laughable that even a so-called lawyer cannot understand simple things like that. Then we don’t know where we are heading to with the legal fraternity. The man is expelled from the party and if he doesn’t want to accept, it’s up to him,” said Chama.