SPEAKER of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini has ordered Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo to render a ministerial statement to Parliament on PF cadres’ lawlessness.

This was after Monze central UPND member of parliament Jack Mwimbu rose on a point of order on whether Kampyongo was in order to remain silent on various attacks orchestrated by PF cadres, including the armed robbery which they staged at Lusaka Central police recently.

following the attack of PF cadres on the Lusaka Central Police station on Saturday.

“Thank you so much Mr speaker for according me this opportunity to raise a very serious security issue. And the point of order I am raising, Mr Speaker, is focused on the honorable Minister of Home Affairs. Mr Speaker Sir, on several occasions, us members of parliament on your left have been lamenting pertaining to the behavior of Patriotic Front cadres. We started raising this issue a long time ago and we warned our colleagues that if they don’t take appropriate action, they will reap and this is exactly what happened. They started by beating a cabinet minister who was beaten who was visiting his constituency. As if that’s is not enough, Mr Speaker, we saw party cadres, PF party cadres attacking journalists at radio stations, They have attacked more than 15 radio stations in this country. Further, Mr Speaker, the most unfortunate incident happened this last Saturday at central police were PF cadres went and clobbered senior police officers and got money from the police and nothing, Mr Speaker, has been done,” said Mwiimbu.

“These incidences, Mr Speaker, are raIsing fear in the minds of ordinary Zambians. They now believe that PF cadres are above the law and that there is no way that you can appeal to the police for protection. If they can be clobbering very senior police officers where the members of the public go for protection and don’t we think that now the police will be fearing taking action against party cadres especially the PF for fear of being clobbered and we have been raising these issues on the floor of this House and outside of this House Mr Speaker. The point of order, Mr Speaker, is, is the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs in order to remain mute and not to take appropriate action against unruly PF cadres who are known? And these PF cadres hold, Sir, the ones who are involved at Central Police, hold senior positions in the PF party. Is he in order Mr Speaker to remain mute not to allay the fears of the public that there is something that is being done by the Ministry of Home Affairs pertaining to violence?”

And in rendering his ruling, the Speaker ordered that the Minister of Home Affairs should render a ministerial on Tuesday next week.

“My ruling is that the Minister of Home Affairs should come to the house with a report on Tuesday, with a statement of course,” said Speaker Matibini.