UPND Miputu ward Councillor Hosin Mabeti has rescinded his decision to defect to the PF saying the television set he was promised cannot cause him to insult the opposition party.

On Saturday, during a PF meeting in Ndola, Mabeti announced that he had resigned from the Opposition UPND and his position as Councillor.

This was at a meeting addressed by PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda and Masaiti PF member of parliament Micheal Katambo where they received defectors from the UPND and NDC

But barely 24 hours after the resignation, Mabeti said his decision to resign was not final.

Speaking at a briefing in Ndola, Monday, Mabeti said the PF promised him a television set and enticed him to resign.

“I belong to the UPND and a television set can not be used on me to insult the UPND that made me a Councillor,” said Mabeti.

“I wish to inform the nation that I was duped that. The statement was just forced on me by the PF, I never did this with my heart. I am asking for forgiveness from President Hakainde Hichilema. I apologise to the people of Miputu for this weak announcement that was made.”

And UPND Copperbelt Chairman Elisha Matambo said the PF should stop offering money as if they are buying groundnuts.

“The PF is playing it wrong and they won’t manage to buy councillors. This is very unfortunate and it will not be a success. It was an arranged thing. These kinds of politics are not helping the PF in any way. How do you promise a person a television set?” asked Matambo.

He said the Copperbelt had shifted it’s support and the PF should accept reality.