HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says there is no way Deputy Inspector General of Police Bonny Kapeso can discipline the police officer captured having an altercation with a PF cadre without subjecting the mater to investigations.

And Kampyongo says the Ministry has managed to issue 169,122 National Registration Cards in the second week of the Mobile Registration process.

Yesterday, a video went viral on social media in which a Patriotic Front (PF) cadre was heard calling on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo to deal with an unidentified traffic police officer, claiming that he had predicted President Edgar Lungu’s loss in next year’s election.

“Ba honourable Lusambo, uyu police officer alelanda ati ba Kateka tabakapite. Efyo alelanda uyu, ba honourable, honestly this person is saying that bakateka tabakapite. Batudelela sana aba teti ulelanda ifyo iwe (this police officer is saying that the President is going to lose elections in 2021. That is what he’s saying, honourable, honestly this person is saying that the President won’t win the elections. You are belittling us, you can’t say that. These people have become way too comfortable, he can’t just say something like that),” said the unidentified PF cadre in the video, while the officer just looked on.

Take a look:

Immediately after the video went viral, Kapeso said he had with immediate effect transferred the Lusaka-based officer to Western Province.

And in a statement Kapeso said the the Inspector General would not tolerate indiscipline.

“We have already taken action against the officer. He has since been removed from traffic and transferred to Western Province for further deployment under general duties. The Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja, will not condone indiscipline among the rank and file of the Police Service and members of the public must also not attempt to assume police roles for which they are not trained. Thank you for bringing the matter to the fore,” stated Kapeso.

However, when asked to comment on the action taken by Kapeso against the police officer who allegedly said President Edgar Lungu and the PF would not win the 2021 general elections, Kampyongo said no individual could discipline a police officer without thorough investigations.

Kampyongo who could not believe that the police command had already take action said although it had become fashionable to capture videos, it was important to respect the work of the police.

“First of all, I want to plead with you, our colleagues who are trained journalists from recognised media institutions to be helpful because when you see information circulating like that, you must know the credible sources of information. You and I have been together, you have seen me sitting in the SADC Summit and I may not be the right person to respond because a matter like that certainly, like you have put it, and the other gentleman who was trying to follow up, it needs to be investigated. I don’t think…and you heard the Deputy Inspector General of Police yesterday who was on Sunday Interview making it categorically clear on the role of the Police. Therefore, there is no individual who can influence any decision to be made on an officer,” Kampyongo said.

“There are a lot of altercations that go on between members of the public and police officers in various corners of this country. I don’t think even the command would rush into making a decision in that matter harshly like that without getting to the bottom of what could have transpired. So, I am yet to believe that if there is a matter like that, the police will look at the merits of the case and will investigate it and make an appropriate decision. You can’t claim this one said that and you make a decision out of that. I know now it is fashionable that people want to get videos and do all sorts of things but I think the work of the police must also be respected. I feel that if there is misconduct by the police, we have channels, that is why we have institutions, oversight institutions. Police Public Complaints Authority is basically there for people to channel complaints about the professional conduct of police officers. So that is what I can say on that.”

And Kampyongo said 169,122 National Registration Cards have been issued in the second week of the Mobile Registration process from five Provinces.

“You may wish to note that registration officers are on the ground and they continue to register eligible persons. The demand has considerably increased in the second week as compared to the second week due to enhanced sensitisation. To this also, I wish to add that the Ministry has now managed to ensure that materials and equipment are delivered to all the teams that are already on the ground. During the past 15 days, the following are the statistics: Northern Province, we have first registrations meaning those who are being registered for the first time after attending the mandatory age of 16. So in Northern Province, we have a total of males 7,110 while females stand at 8,463, bringing the total of new registrations to 15,573. Those who have managed to have their cards replaced, damaged or lost, we have males 2,436, whilst female are 2,998; total 5,434. So the grand total of new registrations and those replacing in the Northern Province stands at 21,007,” he said.

“Luapula Province, we have new registration, males 15,688 while the number of females stands at 16,309; Total 31, 997. Those who have had a chance to replace damaged or lost cards; males, we have 5,863; the females, we are at 9,853; total for replacement is 15,716. Therefore, the grand total stands at 47,713. Copperbelt Province, new registrations: males registrations 17, 253; females stand at 17,902; bringing the total to 35,155. Replacement, males 10, 502; females 9,488; total 19, 990, bringing the grand total for Copperbelt to 55, 145.”

Kampyongo said  the Ministry had issued 113,617 NRCs as first registrations and replaced a total of 55,505 in the last two weeks.

“North Western: new registration, we have males at 5,410; females 6,796; total 12,206. Replacements, we have males 2,986; females 2,573, total 5,549; bringing the grand total to 17, 755.  Eastern Province: new registrations, males 8,858; females 9,828 bringing the total to 18,686. Replacements, we have males at 4,660; females 4,156; bringing the total to 8,816. The grand total for Eastern Province stands at 27,502. The final total for the first registrations cumulatively stands 113,617; replacements stand at cumulatively 55, 505; bringing  the grand total for all the registrations as compiled so far to 169, 122,” said Kampyongo.

“May I again use this opportunity to mention here that the Ministry of Home Affairs is fully aware of some sub chiefs in selected chiefs of North Western Province like Solwezi, parts of Kabompo and Zambezi districts who are influencing their subjects to have the sub chiefs’ names endorsed on their National registration Cards. Please be informed that the National Registration Cards only contain chiefdom details for chiefs who are recognized and gazetted by government. That being the case, the decision by these sub chiefs who have details on the NRCs of those subjects in their areas and replace the details of the gazetted substantive chiefs is not only illegal but criminal and people might be prosecuted for that.”