HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says government needs to find a way of making everybody who was involved in privatisation to explain.

And Kampyongo says police will not spare any political grouping that will cause violence during the ongoing Lukashya parliamentary by-election campaigns.

Reacting to claims by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that the privatization debate is a deliberate ploy by the PF to have him arrested and kill him while in prison, Kampyongo said the opposition leader shouldn’t accuse PF of being after him when the ruling party did not start the debate.

He was speaking when he featured on Kasama Radio in Northern Province, Saturday.

“What started this debate? It’s not us the PF. He featured on a radio programme like this one and a caller called to ask him on the privatization of mines. Then he said ‘you cannot be asking me about privatization. And that was not the first time he was saying that, he also said that on BBC radio, on a South African radio and even on that programme, that caller asked to say ‘can you also explain to me how you acquired your wealth so fast?’ he explained to say it is because I went to school. But if it is school, are you the only one who went to school? That is what the gentleman who called asked him,” Kampyongo said.

“That same day when he said that, that’s when he said why are you asking me about privatization? Why can’t you ask those who were in government at that time like Nawakwi and Alexander Chikwanda?’ now, I don’t know why he did not mention on the side of commerce and industry where the ZPA was falling under. So, he mentioned those two former ministers. That is how Ms Nawakwi said no, let me clear my name. That is how they started displaying things in public. Now, how does the PF fall in?”

He said as Home Affairs Minister, he had never come across a thief who willingly confesses.

“And me as Home Affairs Minister, I have never seen a thief who comes in the public and says ‘I stole this and that.’ That has never happened. His plan of wanting to make it look as if people are trying to bar him from standing for presidential elections next year will not help him. Even saying that can you arrest him and put him in prison, that’s not how this issue can end. That is a very big issue. We need to find a way of making all those who were involved to come and explain. It is not about arresting someone. Us we want that when someone is accused, the way Hon Chitotela was accused of corruption, we said ‘go and explain yourself.’ He went to court and he was cleared. Dr Chitalu Chilufya was also accused of corruption, the President said go and clear yourself,” Kampyongo said.

And Kampyongo said he wanted violence free elections in Lukashya constituency.

“Sometimes when there are elections like these, a lot of wrong doings are done. And it is important that we do our campaigns very peaceful. Those who will try to disturb the peace or cause violence, we have sent the police. Commissioner Mweene and his team are here and they are supported by mobile unit and paramilitary. And we recently bought them more equipment so that they do their work professionally and without any difficulties just to make sure that there is peace in this country. I heard some people say ‘what have you done?’ the reason why our officers could not do their job well was because they did not have the tools,” he said.

He warned anyone that will try to cause havoc in the area would not be spared.

“Therefore, I am pleading with our members, those from the PF to take the front lead in being peaceful. Even when you are provoked, immediately run to the police. I have seen on social media where people are posting pictures of people saying these are the ones that the PF are sending from other towns to come and cause noise here. And I know that it’s the work of the opposition. It won’t help you because people in Kasama know each other, those in Lukashya also know each other. Even those in Kasama Central know each other and even those who are coming in to help should come peaceful,” said Kampyongo.

“So, if you come here with noise, we will finish you as law enforcers. Even if you are my members, hear me clearly on this one, that if I decide to involve myself in bringing peace in this country, I don’t choose. If you become a problem you will be the first one to be arrested. I will tell the police to say arrest them because they are disturbing our peace. My appeal is that let there be peace.”