UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has insisted that all PF Ministers must subject themselves to a lifestyle audit and explain their sources of wealth because party leader Hakainde Hichilema has set the example.

Last week, former Attorney General Musa Mwenye tweeted, saying: “Now that we have heard from Mr Hichilema over the allegations made against him, could those of us, who serve or have served in government, subject ourselves to lifestyle audits? We should all explain our wealth and how we got it. I am willing to be first, any volunteers from government?” read Mwenya’s Tweet.

In an interview, Kakoma maintained that there was need for PF ministers to undergo lifestyle audits to explain their drastic accumulation of wealth since assuming office.

He observed that despite mounting immense pressure on Hichilema to explain his wealth, the PF failed to replicate the gesture because they were used to looting public resources.

“The PF and corruption are like a phone and a sim card. They will not allow themselves to be subjected to a lifestyle audit because they survive on corruption and looting government resources. They will rather behave like a thief, who, when he has been caught and is being chased and is running away, he will also be pointing at other people in front of him who are also running saying that, ‘thief, thief’ so that they direct people’s attention to the innocent person running ahead of them. That’s how the PF Ministers are behaving,” Kakoma said.

He wondered why ministers were resisting a lifestyle audit if their health was not questionable.

“Why should they resist a lifestyle audit when a number of them were poor a few years ago? But now, we have seen them living beyond their means such that they are now donating huge sums of money, which is beyond even their salaries and their allowances combined, and more than their past and present levels of income. And the law is very clear in the Anti-Corruption Act that, ‘anyone who leads a lifestyle that is beyond his present and past levels of income must be investigated and prosecuted to explain how he is living that kind of lifestyle.’ So, it is very important that these lifestyle audits are done. And as Ministers, they should lead by example and subject themselves to a lifestyle audit. They must explain where they are getting that wealth from? Otherwise, we will conclude that they are looting the country’s resources. They are corrupt,” said Kakoma.