PF national mobilization chairperson Richard Musukwa says there is absolutely nothing for the opposition to fix because the ruling party has delivered on many fronts.

And Musukwa says Zambians should not change presidents like they change babies’ nappies.

Speaking during the PF Media interactive forum, Musukwa who is also Mines and Minerals Development Minister, wondered how the opposition would fix climate change or COVID-19 if elected into office.

“There are a lot of things that the PF has achieved in terms of development trajectory across the Republic of Zambia. There are other things that we certainly need to improve on and continue building on. We cannot finish development across the country in nine years or 10 years. That is why when we hear many sounds that speak of a lot of things, we wonder how people want to think that they can fix things in a flash of a second, it doesn’t happen. There must be a process that must be followed. What are you going to fix about climate change? What are going to fix about COVID-19? What are you going to fix about commodity prices?” Musukwa wondered.

“How can you be wasting your time with people who are talking about a key which they do not have? How can you be wasting your time on people who are talking about fixing, fixing what? We have seen what you have fixed before. We have seen what you have fixed before in Luanshya, it is able to be seen. There is nothing to fix, what is supposed to be fixed? There is a President and the party of choice will channel resources that everything is fixed. In 2021, we are launching a serious robust campaign across the country and we will ensure that we provide a defeat to the opposition who are always postulating on social media while PF is busy working. The things that we have been able to do in terms of infrastructure, people are able to see. Yes we are alive to the challenges that our people and the country at large face, but that His Excellency the President of Zambia and the PF have provided leadership. We are determined to ensure that we build on where we have been operating from.”

Musukwa said PF was aware that UPND was trying to gain advantage by registering minors in Southern Province.

“I want to say that first and foremost you must ensure that at all times we promote legality. In these issues, the rules of obtaining a National Registration Cards are well spelt, in terms of the Home Affairs Ministry. We only expect people that are eligible are people who should get the NRCs. Us as PF, as a party in government will not promote such levels of irregularity. We are aware that for many years in the past, the UPND has been doing that in Southern Province. So when you do evil things you think that is what your friends are doing, we are not. We cannot promote such an attitude and we urge the UPND and indeed other parties to ensure that they should not have underhand methods of winning elections by registering underage people across the country,” Musukwa said.

“The same virtue goes to PF, we cannot expect to win an election using illegal means by registering underage [people], we cannot do that. So I want to set the record straight that there is no agenda from PF to issue green registration cards to minors in order to win an election no! What we are doing as PF is to encourage our people across the country who are eligible to register so that we can come and defeat UPND and other political parties with a landslide victory, that is what we are doing. We are aware that there is cheap discourse across the country in terms of these electioneering and hired masonries who have been sitting on computers saying ‘oh, this time around we just want to make sure that when we defeat you, you go into retirement’.”

And Musukwa said presidents should not be changed like nappies.

“Leading a country at a level of President is not like changing our babies’ napkins everyday. Leading a country requires consistency, leading a country requires long term focus. It is not just a matter of people who are excited about going to State House. State House is not for experiments; that is why the Zambian people have invested their trust in Edgar Chagwa Lungu as their President and their candidate for 2021. That is our scoring number nine,” Musukwa said.

He called on party members to ensure that the party won the 2021 elections by a landslide victory.

“As PF, we have actually technically commenced the party mobilisation for ensuring victory in 2021 for Edgar Chagwa Lungu and PF. To that effect, I am calling on all party members across the country including structures and mobilisation teams to work closely and ensure we secure the victory that is needed in order to have a landslide victory; which does not bring us to the 14 days is 14 days like last time which caused a lot of panic and despair among our people. The philosophy of PF is to ensure we listen to the grassroots, we listen to our people across the country,” he said.

“Our mandate is also to ensure that we bring back all those old PF members that are loitering around like people without a father. You have a party, you have a father; Edgar Chagwa Lungu, come back to your party so that you contribute. The doors are open to everybody and we are very confident that there are many more rooms and many more spaces for everyone to fill the boat in PF. We are aware that some of the people that left PF left because they were frustrated, some of them genuinely.”

Musukwa said PF was also aware of the UPND’s propaganda together with some foreign agents in pushing for regime change.

“We are aware that our opposition has been propelling propaganda of all sorts together with agents of the so called regime change who have been promoting and supporting some of this discourse. Zambians will never be influenced by foreigners and foreign elements whose interests is to exploit our resources to the advantage of a few individuals. These foreign agents and the opposition will never succeed in Zambia because this country is for Zambians,” said Musukwa.

“You can see UPND in its propaganda, in some instances they are even behaving like a party in government, they are not in government. Do not mistake the humility of PF, we are in charge and we are responsible for Zambia. We can assure you that the Zambian people will trust what we have done and the record that we have built. The people who are responsible for putting leaders are the people of Zambia and they cannot be swayed by propaganda which seems to be one of the recipes that are highly funded in order to sway the Zambians.”