TWO Katete District Patriotic Front officials were found fighting at the ruling party’s district offices for unknown reasons.

Confirming the development in interview, PF district chairperson Moses Phiri narrated that the incident occurred when he was in a meeting with some opposition members, who wanted to join the ruling party, when they heard loud noises outside the district offices, only to discover two officials engaged in a physical fight.

He said due to that indiscipline, he had suspended PF district youth chairperson Luka Ndlobvu and secretary Bernard Mvula, who is also Kamphambe ward councilor, for fighting, which was contrary to the party constitution.

“I was in a meeting on 26th September, and suddenly, we heard people shouting outside and when we went to check, there were two party officials who were involved in a fight. It really pained me that I almost cried to see indiscipline of that nature,” Phiri said.

He stressed that the PF did not need unruly officials who brought shame to the ruling party.

“We need discipline, especially as we go to 2021, because it will be difficult for us to go in 2021 with undisciplined soldiers because an undisciplined soldier can do any misconduct. We can’t allow party members to be fighting at the party offices, that is indiscipline of highest order! For your own information, all this happened when I had some members from opposition UPND, who wished to join the party. What picture did it portray?” Phiri wondered.

“What pained me most is to see that one custodian of the party constitution, Bernard Mvula, who is the district secretary and not only that, but a civic leader under Kamphambe ward, while the other one, Luka Ndlobvu, is in charge of peace and sanity in the party, could act like that. What are they going to tell party members on discipline?”

And he called for strong leadership at grassroots-level to continue growing the ruling party.

“We don’t want the spirit which was in MMD, where youths were above the law, to repeat itself in PF. We must provide good leadership as a way to show hope and confidence to the public,” said Phiri, who also disclosed that the two erring members had since been suspended and were asked to exculpate themselves as to why further disciplinary action should not be taken against them.

Ndlobvu and Mvula were reached for a comment on the fracas, but both were unavailable by press time.