UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma says the UPND is targeting to win the 2021 elections by 80 per cent.

Commenting on President Lungu’s remarks in Lufwanyama that in 2021, people should vote for one party in all election posts as it will ensure development, Kakoma said UPND was destined to win.

“In 2021, the people of Lufwanyama will vote for HH, the presidential vote for Lufwanyama will go to HH. In 2021, the votes for the MP will go to the UPND candidate, the council chairman votes will go to the UPND and the councilors also. So we are sweeping the votes in Lufwanyama in 2021. His prediction of course will come to pass that all the votes will go to UPND. That will be replicated in many places in Zambia. We are targeting to win the polls by more than 80 percent, so it is going to be a landslide. We will win Lufwanyama,” Kakoma said.

“That confidence by Edgar Lungu and the PF is not that they have delivered or that the people are with them, they also know that the people are not with them. Even in the Copperbelt where they think it is their stronghold, the carpet has been swept off their feet. The ground has shifted, it is no longer the Copperbelt that Lungu used to know. In his entourage, if you are seeing people, there are just government officials, civil servants who are just following to do their work not that they are with him. The same civil servants are going to vote against him including the police that are guarding him, they are going to vote against him.”

Kakoma said President Lungu was famous for wrong reasons like failure to fight corruption, among others.

“He is boosting that his name is well known, yes he is well known in Zambia but for wrong reasons. He is famous for doing wrong things, he is famous because he is a President that has failed to fight corruption. Many people now are wallowing in poverty because he has allowed corruption to take the center stage in Zambia. You can see that he is helpless in the fight against corruption. Those people that are with him are the ones now running the show, corrupt people that are surrounding him are the ones who are running the show. Many Zambians are wondering why despite giving him so much power, he yields a lot of power but he is failing to use that power to use on the corrupt people that are surrounding him,” Kakoma said.

“We have seen that even party cadres have taken a leaf from him and they are taking over functions of government. They have taken over the bus stops, the markets, the bus stops at Intercity Market, cadres are now charging fees for loading buses. Every bus which leaves now they have to pay to PF and not the council. That is lawlessness, recklessness. Complete lawlessness and the President knows this and he’s doing nothing and being helpless. Now we have seen even in other programmes like the issuance of NRCs, the party cadres have now taken over the show and are now charging people to enable them enter the centers where they are getting NRCS. That information has landed on his desk and he is still looking helpless. He can’t control the situation.”

Kakoma said President Lungu was also known for bringing down the economy.

“Edgar Lungu is famous for bringing down the economy. That is what people will remember him for, that he found a robust economy growing at seven percent per annum now he has brought it down. Agwesa economy Chagwa agweza economy (Chagwa has caused the economy to collapse) to negative four percent. So with an economy that is growing negative at four percent, you cannot create jobs that is why he has seen that a lot of young people graduating from colleges and universities and some just finishing Grade 12 can not find jobs. The economy has fallen!”