UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says he will ensure that dignity is restored in the Zambia Police Service when he is voted into office.

And Hichilema has urged Kasama residents to be strong because the injustice and economic mismanagement being experienced under PF will soon end.

Yesterday, Hichilema and his entourage were blocked from proceeding to the Kasama High Court where they went to show solidarity to UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka and four others who got a nolle prosequi in their aggravated robbery case.

In a posting on his Facebook page after the incident, Tuesday, Hichilema said the intimidation being witnessed in the country was barbaric.

“What we are witnessing now is barbaric and unZambian. There is no longer freedom of expression, movement and expression in this country because of one corrupt group called PF. As can be seen, police earlier prevented us from going to court and when questioned, they only said they had been instructed by higher offices to do so, but we know who that higher office is, and all we can say is that we are different from them. When in government next year, we shall not harass or intimidate you or indeed ask you why you are treating citizens in such a way. Our foremost duty will be to tirelessly fix the economy and also ensure that there is law and order in our country,” Hichilema stated.

He called on police officers not allow themselves be used as tools of division or violence in the country.

“We are not fighting you Police officers but fighting for you so, that PF cadres can for once start giving you the respect you deserve as specialised professionals. We therefore encourage you not be tools of divisions or indeed violence in the Country. The impression being created by the PF of Zambia being a Police state is not helpful to the nation. When in government next year, we will take care of you and the rest of the country and ensure meritocracy and dignity is granted back to your profession,” Hichilema stated.

“Please, don’t attack us but attack our vision and ideas for the country, and let the Nation decide who is capable of turning around this country’s fortunes into reality. And remember, this time around, we will not allow anyone of you to infringe on the citizens rights, choice of leadership or indeed our vision. We will work to unite this country under the motto: One Zambia, One Nation and One Nation, One People.”

And speaking after the court session, Hichilema urged Kasama residents to be strong.

“You can see the degeneration in our country’s justice system. People get locked up for a long time before they are brought to court, like one of the accused in the morning case where he has been in detention for 30 days yet the law says when you are detained, you must be presented before the court within 48 hours which means two days but this individual has been in detention for 30 days, there about, that’s illegal, that’s a breakdown in the rule of law. Further, you can see how we are being restricted to come to court, court is a public place. Court is a public place, it’s an open court. The place yaba PF, the place yaba UPND, it’s a place for everybody, all the citizens, that’s is what the justice system which is fair is supposed to be but if you put the police all over, konse fye ama police men, konse fye ama routes baisala, ninshi mwishibe ati (there are policemen everywhere and most routes have been closed. You just need to know that) the country is now under no leadership, that is what is happening. Nomba (Now) I want to encourage abena Kasama, mukose, mukose, fikapwa ifi, fikapwa (people of Kasama be strong, these things will end, it will end),” he said.

“There are better days coming, better days that will care for you, days that will be responsible and following the law in leading this country. We will ensure that there is the rule of law, we will ensure that we uphold human rights, liberties and freedoms, including movement, including access to court, of course within the COVID-19 guidelines, that’s what the UPND will do for you. But more importantly, the UPND will care for the people of Kasama, the people of Northern Luapula, Muchinga and all of Zambia. What is that care we are talking about, giving them food, making sure abana balelya (children eat) every day, that’s where the money must go. Instead of buying tear gas, we will not buy tear gas, we will buy fertiliser, so that abantu balelima, abana balelya mumayanda (people can farm, people can eat in their homes).”

Hichilema promised that under him, education would be a priority.

“We will make sure that abana baleya kuma skulu (children go to school), we will make sure that abana balebomba, ngaba pwisha iskulu asange inchinto, alebomba and bana mayo baleshitisha mu market freely, ukwabula ulubuli, ukwabula cadre uule lisha imfuti. Ngamu lepita ku Mpika on the public road, bamikanya, that’s a public road. Abena Northern, mwishalila munuma mukwai, twendele pamo. (so that children can work and be able to find employment when they complete school and women trading in markets freely without cadres brandishing guns. Even when you are passing in Mpika road, they are stopping you. People of Northern Province don’t remain behind, let’s move forward together),” said Hichilema.

“We appreciate your support, that is why we have done everything which is needed to make sure we meet the bail conditions and we hope that today, this afternoon, Mucheleka will be with us, Mubanga will be with us and indeed Ngwira and all our colleagues that were in my view, wrongly charged, it will end today for them they will join their families as they celebrate in 2021 pala twaingila mu boma (when we form government).”