POLICE have released National Democratic Congress (NDC) spokesperson Saboi Imboela without charge after being questioned for Defamation of the President.

In an interview, Imboela said after being questioned at Lusaka Central Police, Wednesday, police searched her residence where they seized her daughter’s laptop and her school certificates.

“The police yesterday did call me that I should report myself at Central Police. So I ended up going today because yesterday I was not available. So when we went today, they said they are investigating a matter of defamation of the president, a post I wrote on Facebook. Of course my lawyer and I did tell them that we never mentioned any president’s name so we don’t know why they put our Zambian president’s name on my post. So after investigations, we even went home, all the way home to go and search my house. They searched my house, they confiscated my daughter’s laptop and my certificates, grade 12, grade seven and university, hopefully they will give me a job for that, so they really had to make sure that the house was mine where I took them,” Imboela said.

Imboela said the police were looking for gadgets which they think she could have used to post the statement.

She stated that upon return from the search, police cancelled the warn and caution statement that was drafted and released her.

“So after we came back from the house, they said they are going to release me without charge because before going to the house, they were adamant saying they are going to charge me and everything, they did actually even write a warn and caution statement but I think it more or less not, they didn’t go ahead with it. They said for now there is nothing and if there anything, they will contact me through my lawyers,” said Imboela.

And when contacted for a comment, police acting spokesperson Danny Mwale dispelled reports that Imboela was arrested saying investigations were still on going.

“Saboi is not yet arrested. Information circulating on social media that Saboi has been arrested is false. We are still carrying out our investigations, we haven’t yet arrested Saboi,” said Mwale.