FIRST Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s son, Colonel Panji Kaunda, says Zambia has failed to progress in all sectors of governance since the passing of president Micheal Sata six years ago.

In an interview, Col Kaunda, who served as deputy minister in both the Defence and Transport and Communications Ministries during president Sata’s administration, bemoaned that all of the departed Head of State’s ideas had not been implemented under his successor, President Edgar Lungu.

“We have gone into reverse in all sectors. The ideas that he had to develop this country, they have not done that. Poverty is characterising this country, we have lost the sense of democracy in terms of being tolerant of people, who have different views from ourselves, the ruling party. So, I don’t think we have done anything to make our late father proud of us. So, we are just going backwards, we are in debt; our kwacha is in a crisis, poverty in rural areas is massive, there are no medicines in hospitals. The roads are not done, whether in Lusaka or in the districts. So, it is a big mess!” Col Kaunda complained.

“This government does not deserve another five years. They have no idea how to govern us, citizens who are poor. You in Lusaka don’t see the poverty that is in rural areas, you don’t see the children who can’t go to school because their parents can’t afford to take them. This is what the country has become six years after president’s Sata’s demise. So, really, it is a tragedy and I hope people can see and make the right decisions when it comes to vote, but definitely, the PF doesn’t deserve to be in government. They want to use Bill 10 to oppress our freedoms, all these things are the things, which we should look into. We are in a mess!”

Colonel Kaunda said democracy levels under the current PF regime had continued to dwindle.

“Democracy means accepting somebody’s view on matters even if they don’t agree. Currently, we are in a situation where the ruling party is busy mobilising countrywide, but the opposition can’t even step a foot outside their offices. There was an invasion yesterday at one of the opposition parties, why should they do that? These are issues where they are trying to frighten or scare the opposition from campaigning or air their views to the people,” said Col Kaunda.

“When you take over government, you must do much better than the previous government. So, (President) Lungu should have done better in PF, but we have gone back to the old MMD days. In terms of governance and rule of law, it is worse than what MMD was doing. What they are supposed to do right now is everybody, even in the opposition and the government, to go out the whole country to start sensitising people concerning the registration of voters. Now, they have extended, in some parts it will be rainy…it defies one logic why this is being done now.”