LUSAKA Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says the ruling party is destined to win the 2021 general elections by 95 per cent.

And Lusambo has donated K50,000 to Dominion Life International Church in Choma.

Speaking on a Byta FM programme in Choma, Saturday, Lusambo said people should stop wasting their time thinking that the PF will lose the 2021 general election.

“The government of His Excellency Edgar Chgwa Lungu, we are trying to make sure that we uplift the living standards of our people in Zambia. The people of Zambia are appreciating the unprecedented development which the government is giving to the nation contrary to what the UPND are saying. To them, they just want to paint the PF black. They also want to paint our county black. Where are we getting the confidence that come 2021 we are winning the election without any challenge? It is because of the good things which we have done to the people of Zambia. I can assure that if the elections were called today, PF would win by 90 per cent. If the elections were called tomorrow, which is 2021, PF will win with 95 per cent. I am being honest, come to Kabushi constituency, Kabushi Constituency alone we are going to win with 95 per cent for the President’s vote,” Lusambo said.

“MMD was in power for 20 years, UNIP was in power for 27 years and you are talking about 10 years, what is 10 years? It’s not about the hardships, it’s about the good things which we are doing so that we can reduce those hardships. We want to make sure that we continue creating jobs in our community. There is no other political party in Zambia which can stand up and say we are going to fight the PF or we are going to compete with the PF. Who is going to compete with ECL? I can assure you that come 2021, whether we like it or not, don’t even waste your time, PF is winning the 2021 election and we are winning with a landslide. Don’t waste your time to start thinking otherwise. Otherwise you will be outside or you will be in the terraces when we will be celebrating.”

He insisted that PF had no competition going into 2021.

“The people of Southern Province have been cheated for quite some time by the opposition UPND. They vote for UPND after telling them lies and they have been voting for them without seeing anything coming from the UPND. What they see is the things coming from government. It is the things which we do as government. The clinics which we are seeing, it’s government who is building the clinics, it’s us who are building the roads, it’s us who are building the schools. So the people of Southern Province, this is the time for you to open up your eyes and ears to see the good party, is it UPND or PF? Because us, we are still doing everything. You didn’t vote for us but we are still building roads in Southern Province. A lot of things are happening in Southern Province. I want to tell the people of Southern Province to come out and vote for PF,” Lusambo said.

“We have no competitor, UPND are not going to compete with us in the 2021 general elections, they are going to participate in this 2021 general election. So for me, I can assure you that I am very comfortable. We will continue working for the people of Zambia. My product, ECL, is a product that is loved and there is no one who can go and compete [against it]. For us as Copperbelt mobilisation, we have one candidate. We have people in UPND who have 20 terms and they are aspiring for 2021 again. As PF, we are investing in energy. We have invested in so many projects within the shortest period we have been in government. So for me I can tell you that we are going to win because load shedding will come to an end. We are about to switch on the Kafue Lower in Southern Province. Very soon load shedding will come to an end.”

Lusambo said it was impossible for him to lose his Kabushi seat.

“The most important investment in the Constituency is the relationship which you create with the people. If you come to Kabushi Constituency, we have created a relationship which is very strong. It would be very difficult for any person to come and dislodge this guy called the bulldozer. It’s not possible! The chances are one over 100. That is why I am here in Southern Province because I know my constituency is safe, I have allowed the UPND, the NDC and others even Hakainde Hichilema I have told him go to Kabushi and you will come back to Kabushi constituency on the day of election and we will win,” Lusambo said.

And on Sunday, Lusambo donated K50,000 to Dominion Life International Church in Choma.

“Chisha Mwabazi will give K10,000 by force, the mobilisation for Southern Province will give you K10,000. That is an instruction, PS have you heard the instruction? You make sure that the money is brought. Now the President told me that go and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Southern Province and he gave an instruction that you go and give K50,000. So when the Bishop comes to Lusaka, we will give him another K20,000 to take children to school,” said Lusambo.