CRACKS in the PF in Lusaka Province executive have deepened as some senior PF officials have accused their provincial chairman, Paul Moonga, of acquiring and refusing to share 700 plots.

But Moonga has denied these claims, saying the allegations were coming from “dull and empty vessels”.

Reliable sources say the tension in Lusaka started when Moonga acquired 700 plots and refused to share with his colleagues.

The sources said some party officials wanted Moonga to resign from his position because he was concentrating on acquiring plots rather than mobilization activities.

But in an interview, Moonga said the claims were made by “sponsored dull empty vessels” who just wanted to remove him from his position.

“Write what you have received since you don’t want to investigate, write what you have received, reporting rumours. All I am saying is write what you have been told as gospel truth. Why are you troubling me? Write about what you have heard from the vuvuzelas as gospel truth. So write as gospel truth. Ask them ‘where is the land? And who gave you? Where are the papers?’ It’s false! Didn’t they tell you that I was removed, am I removed? This is just politics my friend. You simply say where are the the title deeds? If it is state land, it is the Commissioner who owns the land. All state land are preserve of the President, which land is actually being run by the commissioner of lands on behalf of the President. I tell you this is just politics, there are just people, all their aim is simple and very straight forward, it is a well known factor, I will not tell you why but I know why they are fighting me. In short, it is politics. They are sponsored, I know them very well and they are using cheap politics, they are not mature enough,” said Moonga.

“Nobody who is mature would want to remove a senior member of the party. No matter how much you would want to hate somebody, if you think you should put the name of the party first. This is a person appointed by the President, so they are simply trying to attack the President. They have no manners. So these are boys and girls who do not know what they are doing. I forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Because they are dull, what do you do with empty vessels? They just make noise, empty vessels make noise. So we don’t deal with empty vessels, we deal with real men and women. If you are a big fish, you don’t do stupid things. You make some money and you start giving young people that they should insult someone, what kind of person are you? What is interesting is that you are just making Moonga stronger and stronger, you are advertising me.”

Meanwhile, PF deputy national chairperson Davies Chama said he was not aware of the tension that obtaining in Lusaka.

“I am not aware of any infighting, the day to day running is vested in the Secretary General. So I am not aware of those infighting. I have not been following what has been happening at Lusaka district, I am busy with the responsibilities that the President gave me to run the Ministry. So no one has updated me on the so-called infighting at Lusaka district. So I am not conversant with that information. I need to interrogate to find out what is happening, no one has briefed me about those details,” said Chama.