A MAN identified as Kaluwayo Mwika has committed suicide after murdering his girlfriend, Mapalo Masiku, aged 21, who had told him that she was in love with someone else.

Both used to be students at the Chitambo School of Nursing.

In a statement, Monday, Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo stated that Masiku’s body was found with injuries and taken to the mortuary after Mwika told her friend about where he had left it.

“Police in Chitambo of Central Province received a report of murder from authorities at Chitambo College of Nursing that female adult Mapalo Masiku, aged 21, a student nurse at the mentioned school was murdered by an unknown person. The incident is reported to have occurred on 13th December, 2020, between 12.00 hours and 13.00 hours at a nearby bush within the school premises. Initial investigations indicated that the victim had a misunderstanding with her boyfriend, identified Kaluwayo Mwika, who had just completed school at the same college. The suspect is believed to have called a friend to the victim to give direction to where the body was. The body was found with injuries and was picked and taken to Chitambo District Hospital Mortuary. Today, 14th December, 2020, police received information that the suspect has committed suicide,” stated Katongo.

Meanwhile, a voice note surfaced where the suspect confessed to a friend that he had murdered Masiku and further informed her of his intentions to commit suicide.

Below is the exchange between Mwika and the unidentified lady.

Mwika: Tapali ifichitike alifye bwino (nothing happened, she is fine)

Lady: Alifye bwino but mulelanda ati nafwa? (She is fine, but you initially said she is dead.)

Mwika: Katwishi limbi eko ashele afwa, infula yamuloko teti afwe umunthu? (I don’t know, perhaps she died from where she was. With all these rains, maybe she got soaked, can’t she die?)

Lady: Nomba infula eyingamwipaya? (Can the rains kill a person?)

Mwika: Katwishi (I don’t know).

Lady: landenifye nga pali ifyacilubana kulwakwine twishibe ifwakulondolola kuno. (Just say if something happened so that we have an explanation here)

Mwika: Mapalo na Patrick kwisanjeba ine ati fwapwa (Mapalo and Patrick told me it’s over). Achinjita akachelo ukwisa kuno ati anjebe ati fwapwa. (They called me early in the morning just to tell me it’s over) Nga ndefwaya, nimupele ifumo and then akasendelefye umwana. Pali ine tapali ifilipo, alefwaya Patrick, uleunfwa ka? (She said if I wanted to, I can go ahead and impregnate her, but the relationship was over.)

Lady: Eh!

Mwika: efyo yaciba ilyashi. (That’s how the story was) So, nacisa mweba nati mmm, (then I said) but why are you telling me all these things? Ati awe (nothing) I can’t stay with you, I don’t love you. Nati (I said) ooh, I made a covenant with you and then I put a ring on your finger then at last you want to do this to me? Ati eeh, (yeah) I don’t care. Efyo twachiba mumpanga mulyamwine, ndekweba ifintu nomba nacisa fumako, kaili nachimwitila kuli Webby kung’anda ati tulande. Talefyaya ukunfwa, ati awe I can’t be with you alenjeba na Christine aleunfwa. (We were in the bushes and we decided to go to Webby’s house, she didn’t want to go). So, twendeko (let’s go) somewhere, we will go and talk. Twaikala mumpanga babili ndelanda talefwaya ukunfwa. (We were in the bushes, the two of us, I tried to convince her but she couldn’t listen.) Ati (she said) I want to go and study, you are wasting my time, you finished school, I also want to do something. So, nacisa mwipusha nati (I asked her) what do you want me to do? Ati, (she said) if you want sex, I can give it to you so that you can impregnate me. Ifyo anzembeleka, (she negotiated) that’s how we had sex.
After sex, nokwisa njeba shani (what does she tell me)? ‘I love Patrick so much I’m going to stay with him.’ Efyo nacisaunfwa icifukushi, (Then I got really upset) I sat on top of her. I strangled her neck! Ayamba ukulanda ati (and she said) ‘I will love you for the rest of my life,’ nati takuli (I said it’s not true), you have already said it. Twalaipayana bonse (we will all die). I can’t lie to you, I strangled her to death. It’s me who has done that, if she is alive then alepepa Lesa (she should praise God). If she is just alive, alepepa Lesa (she should praise God). Efyo nacisenda necimuti namuma kumutwe nimupandula umutwe (Then I got a log of a tree and hit her head breaking it in two). I didn’t have mercy. I was in pain after I did all those things. So, now, me I’m going, uleunfwa efyo nalanda (Do you hear what I am saying)? Iyi (this) phone nalaisha (I will leave it) on, abakatola bakasuka (the ones who will pick it up will answer this) phone. Waumfwa ka? (Do you hear me)?

Lady: Yes

Mwika: They will answer the call, iyo uyu umuntu twamutola pa so, so (we have picked up this body at such a place) mwise mumusende (come and get him).

Lady: Nomba password? Abobene abaka mitola password bakaisanga shani? (What about your password? Those same people who will pick your body, how will they find your password?)

Mwika: Aka ka (this) phone takakwata (has no) password kanono (it’s small). So, please don’t even cry, it’s my wish to die.

Lady: Okay

Mwika: But Mapalo, I hope nabamusanga (she was found). Okay.

Lady: Naifwe tu le lolela, tatwishibe (we are also waiting, we don’t know).

Mwika: Okay

Lady: Okay