PF DEPUTY secretary general Mumbi Phiri says there are neither cracks nor infighting in the ruling party.

And Phiri says UPND is comprised of a bunch of liars who want to use deceit to form government.

Commenting on some Lusaka Province PF officials’ allegations that their chairman, Paul Moonga, had acquired about 700 plots which he refused to share, Phiri said she was unaware of any infighting in the party, arguing that personal differences should be looked at in their proper context.

“Those are individuals who I can’t speak on their behalf. As for me as the deputy secretary general of the Patriotic Front, I haven’t seen any infighting. Maybe they are fighting on their personal level with the people they have the same interest in and that does not affect the party. People will be so shocked, we passed through a very difficult turbulence when we lost our founding father. That was the most difficult time. This time all those who are talking are dreamers. We are geared for 2021 just watch the space, don’t think when we are quiet and we are not on WhatsApp, us we are on the ground. Let them be on social media, us we are on the ground,” Phiri said.

And commenting on Liuwa UPND member of parliament Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane’s remarks in which he questioned the disparity in numbers of people who obtained national registration cards in PF and UPND strongholds, Phiri said the former was old and should retire from politics.

“What they are saying is not true, we as political parties, we should be on the ground to encourage our voters to vote, those areas where we believe that we have people who vote for us. As PF we have intensified sensitization for our people to go and register. How can I claim that in our strongholds there are more registrations. As you are speaking to me, I am in Monze. Southern Province was given more equipment by the Electoral Commission of Zambia compared to Lusaka and Copperbelt which has more population. Are you telling me that the population in Eastern Province is more than the people we have in Lusaka and Copperbelt?” Phiri asked.

“So ba Musokotwane ba kulu sana (is very old) in fact I expect him to retire. The problem in Zambia is that people have no integrity. You were a deputy Bank of Zambia governor, you become a Cabinet Minister then you become a back bencher…Plan for your life.”

Phiri said the UPND were a bunch of lairs.

“Those people are liars! They strive on lies. They think telling lies will take them to State House. They are the same people who have been claiming that the PF is corrupt. This corruption started a long time ago. They strive on lies, they lied that NRDC was sold, has NRDC been sold? No. They said ZAFFICO was sold, has ZAFFICO been sold? No. They said ZNBC was sold, has ZNBC been sold? The list is endless and I am glad that the people have realised that UPND is a bunch of lairs. UPND is a grouping of people who want to paint people black, so that the citizenry can rise against innocent people. They wanted the people of Zambia to rise against a woman, Mumbi Phiri. Do you know what category I fall under, I fall under vulnerable because I am a woman. So shame on them,” said Phiri.