OVER 3,000 bags of fertilizer under the Farmer Input Support Program have gone missing Luanshya District.

In an interview, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe warned that anyone found wanting would be dealt with harshly.

Nundwe said it is unacceptable for civil servants to steal fertilizer that was aimed at ensuring food security for the nation.

He told Journalists in Ndola that once the investigations were concluded, action would be taken.

“The goal for government is to ensure that we have a bumper harvest for all the crops across the nation. The stance taken by the President to deliver farming inputs in all the Districts on time is unprecedented. You can’t allow any civil servant, or transporter to frustrate these efforts,” Nundwe said.

“We can’t have a section of people in Luanshya District in particular to steal with impunity. If it is truly established that it is them that have stolen, I am sorry! I want to warn them that they will face the law and dismissal. We can’t allow this when the President means well to the farmers.”

He said civil servants should learn to be content with their salaries.

“We can’t have a section of civil servants who don’t mean well to the nation. If you are a civil servant and involved in farming, go buy the fertilizer. How can you tamper with inputs meant for our honorable farmers? We want to have a bumper harvest but some one want to frustrate the efforts of the President,” said Nundwe.

According to sources, over 500 farmers will be affected by this deficit created by theft.

The sources also alleged that officers from the Office of the President, the District Commissioner’s office the District Agriculture officer were involved in the theft.