FORMER National Democratic Congress secretary general Mwenya Musenge has rejoined the Patriotic Front party as an ordinary member.

At a press briefing, Tuesday, Musenge said he was ready to work with the party and that he would not push for any position in PF.

Musenge, who was until now Agenda for Human Development secretary general, said as party members they had meetings and decided to rejoin the ruling party as there was less time for AHD to mobilise members ahead of the August general elections.

Musenge asked PF to forgive him for any unpalatable that he could have uttered while he was in opposition, adding that he was willing to stay in PF whether it wins or loses.

Musenge has appealed to all PF members to treat AHD members as their own.

“There is not much time for us to mobilize for members so as a party, we have decided to rejoin the PF party. I might have said a lot of things against the leadership and I am taking this time to apologize and ask forgiveness and I am asking that the PF welcomes the AHD members and should treat them well because we want to work with the party and the decision we made is not an easy one,” said Musenge.

And AHD Lusaka chairlady Prisca Kalumba asked PF to welcome Musenge.

She said PF members should work with AHD members in peace for they are also Zambians who have a right to join whichever party they wish to.

“We mean well for the party and we want to plead with you that you should take care of him because as members, he has taken care of us very well and we ask that the PF members should not neglect us because we want to work and increase the numbers for the PF party,” said Kalumba.

Meanwhile, PF deputy mobilisation chairperson Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba promised that AHD members had nothing to worry about for they were welcome and would be treated fairly, just as he had been treated.

Mwamba said the AHD members had made the right decision to support the President Edgar Lungu for he was a Head of State that was willing to work work with every Zambian.