THE Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) says it is due to release the 2020 grade seven and nine examination results next week.

In an interview, ECZ acting public relations specialist Nicolas Nkhuwa said that the Council was on course to release the results within the first week of February.

He explained that the release of the results was slightly delayed because the 2020 exams were conducted last month rather than in the usual October and November.

“You should know for the fact that the exams were only conducted in December. Previously, exams would be conducted in October and by the first week of December or slightly before Christmas, the results would be out. So, if you can calculate once the exam is written, it takes approximately a month and some weeks to process the results. So, if the exam, for example, the one we are just talking about, which was written from 21st to 24th December and we calculate the time that they completed up to now, we are slightly just under a month. So, there is no delay whatsoever and ECZ has made quite tremendous headways to make sure that these results are processed in good time and are released almost the time schools are open or in the first week when schools open,” said Nkhuwa.

“Schools are opening on Monday and that is what our target has been, but all things being equal, we should be able to release the results as soon as possible. I am sure that without any further delays, I can confirm that we have reached a high level in terms of processing. So, there isn’t any delay, I think we are still working within the schedule according to the time frame that it takes to process these results. People should not even worry, we can assure them that ECZ is doing everything possible working also under the guidance of the Ministry of General Education to ensure that we release these results in due time.”