AVONDALE residents in Lusaka have expressed outrage at the constant noise coming from the non-commissioned Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Officers’ Mess who have been found to play loud music, drink beer and urinate in the area.

But ZAF says it has cautioned operators of the Mess to desist from playing loud music to stop inconveniencing residents in the area.

Speaking on behalf of the distressed residents, George Sinkala complained that tenants and homeowners were forced to endure loud music and only get to bed beyond 23.00 hours only after the activity had eventually stopped.

“This has never happened before. For the past one year, I have been forced to sleep after 23.00; there is a lot of noise! There are a lot of cars parked outside our houses, they urinate outside, and we don’t even have privacy. It is so unruly. This is so inconveniencing. This is a residential area where we are supposed to have some peace. It is really affecting us so badly and I am tired of it! We have to wait until they stop playing music that is the only time we can sleep. We have written to the (Lusaka City) Council, but still nothing. Even the directive given by the President during the COVID pandemic, they have never closed. We engaged Lusaka City Council director of Health (Edgar) Mulwanda; he said, ‘these are military people and we have to be careful how we deal with them.’ Are there any laws that are different from them and us? He could not give us an answer,” complained Sinkala.

But in a separate interview, ZAF deputy director public relations and foreign liaison Lt Col Helen Chota promised that action to remedy the problem had since been instituted.

“The Zambia Air Force acknowledges receipt of the noise complaint from residents surrounding the non-commissioned Officers’ Mess on Acacia Avenue in Avondale. We wish to assure the residents that the operators of the Mess have been cautioned to desist from playing loud music and endeavour to coexist with the surrounding community. The Zambia Air Force remains committed to carrying out its constitutional mandate of safeguarding the Zambian airspace and serving the people of Zambia,” said Lt Chota.