PF Lusaka Province secretary Kennedy Kamba says the party will quarantine Matero PF MP Lloyd Kaziya if he continues to disparage the party.

Commenting on Kaziya’s remarks that he was no longer interested in standing on the PF ticket because they had failed to deliver development to Matero, Kamba said the Matero MP was a finished politician.

“Lloyd Kaziya is a finished politician! He doesn’t have influence in the political circles of PF in Matero Constituency. Himself he doesn’t recognise the structures of PF. To me Llody Kaizya has ceased to be a member of the party. The President has done a lot in terms of giving services and development to the people of Matero Constituency. Let him just go without insulting, we are not going to allow him. Just some few months ago he was complaining to the media that he is failing to walk the streets of Matero, if he continues doing that we can quarantine him. We can put him where he belongs. He has not done anything himself and not the President. The President and the party has delivered,” Kamba said.

“You go to Matero Level one hospital which is Chigwere Clinic, today it is not a clinic it is a hospital. You go and see what we have done in terms of giving the people of Matero clean water. Let him not insult because the people of Matero are going to quarantine him. He is a finished politician and we are not looking up to Lloyd Kaziya to be our member of parliament in 2021 after the general election. He has ceased to be a member of the party. He never did anything in Matero when he used to be the minister of water and sanitation. The people of Matero continued crying for clean water. So what we are saying is that we don’t need his candidature. To us he is a closed chapter, he has ceased to be a member of the party.”

And Kamba said the people of Matero were not happy with Kaziya.

“We are going to face him in August this year if he is going to be on the ballot box, be it on the UPND ticket or independent. Matero is the most popular constituency in Lusaka district. Looking at the numbers we got when we had the by elections for Miles Sampa, Matero gave us the highest votes. So we are relying on that. If he is crying let him just go, there is nothing he is doing in the party. The party does not recognise him. Even in Matero he cannot walk in the streets of Matero. The MP who is telling the people of Matero that ‘going for funerals was not the job I was elected for’. How can you have an MP telling his residents that I was not elected to be going to the funerals and you expect that person to win you votes. The people of Matero are going to quarantine him, because we are on the ground and we are hearing what the people of Matero are saying. He said that he was being guarded 24 hours at his house, that tells you that the people of Matero are not happy with their MP,” said Kamba