ALL People’s Congress Party Nason Msoni says he is anxious for the dissolution of Parliament to finally see the incompetent pair of President Edgar Lungu and Vice-president Inonge Wina go separate ways.

And Msoni says Zambia now feels like a country under liquidation.

In an interview, Msoni said Zambia, with President Lungu in office, is like playing a serious international football match but without a goalkeeper manning the goal post on the Zambian side.

He said the Lungu presidency is arguably the most disastrous presidency in living memory.

“The combination of Mr Edgar Lungu and mama Inonge Wina has been a terrible pair for government. We are all anxious for the dissolution of Parliament and to finally see the incompetent pair of Mr Edgar Lungu and mama Inonge Wina go their separate ways,” Msoni said.

That way they will save us the pain of having a bad government that distributes dangerous expired drugs to citizens in order to make money.”

He said under President Lungu’s superintendence, Zambia is, in all government transactions, always walking away with loses or raw deals.

Msoni described President Lungu as a man who is so incompetent and that he has sunk Zambia into a debilitating debt crisis.

“Mr Edgar cannot surely be given another opportunity to be president again. And this is a man is clearly debarred by the Constitution for having already held office twice,” Msoni said.

“Under Mr Lungu in office, corrupt local and international criminals have found Zambia a perfect safe haven for carrying out criminal activities.”

He said it was for that reason that “criminals” recently imported expired drugs for distribution in the country’s hospitals, and that they continue to enjoy State protection.

“Certainly, another five years of the same old same old failed leadership of President Lungu is a sure death wish and a disaster that awaits Zambia and I plead on Zambians not to grant PF another chance,” Msoni said.

“The need to build political consensus around a single opposition presidential candidate is the best way of thwarting the prospect of repeating and recycling a failed self-serving presidency.”

He also said a person overwhelmed with criminal transgressions whilst in the Office of President would, no doubt, stop at nothing in ensuring that he attempts to escape the possibilities of being held to account for his actions.

Msoni explains that the intensity at which such a presidential candidate puts up, the fight against the possibilities of losing the elections is a matter of life death.

“Indeed, given this level of desperation for personal survival, such a man can be extremely dangerous to other participating candidates as he can easily kill, if need be, for his own political survival. That is the extent and the gravity of the situation we face at hand,” he said.

He also said Zambia was seemingly a country in liquidation as everything was either being sold or handed out to anyone who seemingly had a “magic wand” which could help him out to secure an illegal third term in office.

Msoni said it was criminal to hold citizens hostage on account of transgressions committed by those who felt that they would get away with impunities.

“It should be clear to everyone that after the Constitution is violated and undermined by those who are ineligible to contest, there’ll be no Constitution to go back to thereafter. Let’s us be very clear on that aspect!” he explained.

He said if President Lungu is allowed to contest for a third term as President of Zambia, there would be no term limits and limitations, going forward.

Msoni insisted that defying the Republican Constitution should not go unpunished.