MINISTER of Health Dr Jonas Chanda has called on stakeholders to continue implementing strategies that will impact on the health of every citizen as the country works towards building a healthy Zambia.

Speaking when he officiated at the virtual World Health Day commemoration, Wednesday, Dr Chanda urged citizens to rally to achieving universal health coverage.

“I therefore urge all countrymen and women to rally behind the proponent of Universal Health Coverage, which can only be attainable with concerted efforts from all stakeholders. It is for this reason that I appeal to all stakeholders to continue implementing strategies that will impact on the health of every citizen for the development of our country. Let us work towards building a fairer and healthier Zambia,” he said.

He noted that in response to the identified multiple Social Determinants of Health, the country developed the National Health in All Policies Strategic Framework 2017-2021, whose premise is on collaborative mechanisms, Health Lens Analysis, Health Impact Assessments and Partnership Frameworks.

He added that his ministry will ensure that health equity is placed high on the country’s agenda.

“Furthermore, as part of the overall drive towards Health for All, we will ensure that we position health equity high on the national agenda and solicit political will, galvanise support from stakeholders and cooperating Partners. As a country, we will influence the country’s priorities, by highlighting key barriers in equitable access to health services; promote actions to work around those barriers and provide recommendations and tools to support multi-sectoral actions, in order to achieve equitable health outcomes,” assured Dr Chanda.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a surer way to ensure that we build a fairer and healthier world. We must also be cognisant that different solutions are needed to tackle the major challenges which hinder our success. We also need to seize opportunities to accelerate progress. This includes reducing social inequalities, protecting human rights, improving gender equality and building resilient communities. It also includes protecting natural resources and sustaining public systems to enable all in society to achieve their full potential, and to safeguard their wellbeing through these difficult periods.”

This year’s World Health day celebrations were being held under the theme; Building a fairer, healthier world.