CHOMA Central UPND member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa has been suspended from parliament for a period of 30 days effective today.

Rendering a ruling on a point of order raised by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo against Mweetwa who wanted to find know if he was in order to cast aspersions on the honourable Mr Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini that when he discharged his functions, such as appointing a Select Committee, he does it with certain predetermined positions to manipulate the operations of such Committees.

“Mr C Mweetwa, the House is extremely displeased with your conduct of making statements on a television program which bring into question the character and impartiality of the Speaker and reflect negatively on the proceedings of the House. As a long serving member of this August House you ought to know that statements that reflect on the character or impartiality of the Speaker are impermissible. Additionally your statement not only brought into question the Speaker’s integrity but also undermined the integrity, dignity, decorum of the House. I do trust that you will reflect seriously on your cations and hence forth desist from such conduct. Thus in accordance with section 28 (2) of the National Assembly powers and provided Act which requires the resolution of the House to suspend a member from the House,” ruled Mwimba.

“I now put the question, the question is that the House suspend C Mweetwa for a period of 30 days with effect from today Thursday 8th April 2021. As many as are of that opinion say ‘I’ of the contrary say ‘no’. I think the ‘I’s have it. The question is therefore resolved in the affirmative. Mr C Mweetwa, you are therefore on 30 days suspension with effect from today Thursday 8th April to Friday 7th May 2021. Further, in accordance with section 28 (3) of the National Assembly powers and privileges act, during the period of your suspension, you shall not enter the precinct of the Assembly and this extends to the National Assembly Motel, participate in any activity of the Assembly or any Committee that you are assigned in, in your capacity as a member of parliament, and be paid a salary or allowance that you are entitled to as a member. There was an attempt for a division but it was not achieved at all.”