PF Lusaka Province chairman Kennedy Kamba says the PF will not allow Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s ‘rantings’ to derail the government from taking development to the people.

On Friday, KBF said during a press briefing that he had opted not to lodge his application to stand as President of the party because the process was undemocratic.

But in an interview, Kamba said the party would take KBF on if he continued to derail the President.

“He (Fube) is going to turn himself into a comedian because he said he is going to file the nominations, did he do that? The answer is no! He said he had a very big following in the party, did we see that? The answer is no! So, let him not continue fooling himself. Let him realise that the party has moved forward. If he doesn’t want to refrain, let him remain. We have a lot of party officials who are capable. We cannot be talking about KBF. What we are saying is if he continues, we are there, we are going to handle him as a party. What we don’t want to see is for him to derail the President. A person who doesn’t have value in Lusaka. The President should concentrate on developing the country. As the party we are going to take him on. Both the constituency and branch chairman on the ground are going to take him [on], while the President is developing this country. Let him continue, he is going to find the structures on the ground. The people of Zambia know who KBF is. Even before President Lungu, there was the founder member Micheal Sata, was KBF given a job?” Kamba asked.

Kamba charged that KBF was a nonentity and that he needed to concentrate on his law firm.

He added that the party would not allow KBF to drag the name of the President.

“We have serious issues to look at. We have issues to ensure that we do what we promised the people of Zambia. If he wants to drag the name of the President, the name of the party, so that we don’t concentrate on delivering services, we are not going to allow that as a party. Let him continue doing his business with his law firm, let him continue with his law firm affairs. The affairs of the people should be left with the President and his Secretary General Davies Mwila. As the PF in Lusaka we don’t want to waste time on KBF. He is a nonentity. It is water under the bridge. The party has settled for his Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu as our Presidential candidate. To us, just that is a unifying factor. The party now is going to be more united because we have one candidate in place. You are going to see a more united party toward elections because we will be singing the same song. Others were thinking that there is another candidate who will come, but us the owners of the party, we were very sure that President Lungu is going to be our candidate,” Kamba said.

“So the coming in of Fube and his ranting shouldn’t derail the government taking development to the Zambian people. We want the President to concentrate on what he promised the Zambian citizens. We don’t want to be wasting time on KBF. It was dealt with by the Constitutional Court when they ruled in favour of our candidate who is eligible, because that term, the one-year, eight months doesn’t qualify to be a term. A term can qualify when a candidate rules over three years plus. So, as far as we are concerned, it is just a mare academic exercise which they are trying to prove. We want the President and all the government officials to concentrate on developmental issues. We still have four months and there are a lot of projects which are undergoing.”