NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili says the party will soon announce the political party it will partner with in the upcoming general elections.

But Roan NDC member of parliament Joseph Chishala says NDC is likely to crumble if the wrangles in the party continue.

Speaking to journalists, Monday, Kambwili said the party was ready to partner with a political party that respected the need to improve people’s living standards.

He further said the party would soon be announcing the political party they were going to partner with in the election.

“Our Constitution demands that we should have conventions every five years and most importantly before any general election. So what we were doing is just to fulfil the requirement of the Constitution and also the requirement of our party constitution. As a political party you need to respect your own statutes and I can say here proudly, that the convention was very successful, with participation from all the 10 provinces. I want to thank all the members across the country for having such a peaceful gathering where people were democratically elected. After the convention, it is now [time] to focus on the elections. We said we are ready to partner with any progressive political party that respects the people of Zambia, that respects the fact that we need to do more to improve the living stands of the people. Very soon we will be announcing which political party we are going to partner with to go in the elections,” Kambwili said.

But in an interview, Chishala said the party convention held on Sunday which saw Kambwili being elected as NDC president, was not necessary because there was a matter which was still active in court.

And when asked if Kambwili’s actions were dividing the party, Chishala said “yes” and further added that it was unfortunate that the party which started on a good note was divided in two camps.

“Yes, actually the party is divided into two camps, which is very unfortunate. This party started on a very good note and it was a fast growing party. To me, it is very unfortunate and very disappointing because I expected that this party, one day or the other, it will rule this country. This division needs to be settled as quickly as possible, so that we can forge ahead as a party. What is going to happen is that if this wrangles continues, it is likely that this party will crumble, which is not my wish. My wish is to see this party grow so that we can one day also ascend to power. This division, it seems that if things are not settled in time, there is a likelihood that the party might not go on,” he said.

“This issue of the convention is that it is still in court, that is my understanding. What I understand is that the party hearing is still in court. It is coming on the 23rd of this month. As for that convention, I wasn’t there because all I know is that the matter is in court and it was not necessary to even convene like that. I am just hoping that this matter is settled on the 23rd. If it can be settled on the 23rd, it will be well and good for the membership.”