SOLWEZI West UPND member of parliament Teddy Kasonso says it’s better he supports the PF government because the UPND have no strategy for winning the August elections.

And Kasonso says he will not recontest his seat because he wants to concentrate on campaigning for President Edgar Lungu.

In an interview, Kasonso said the UPND had no clear strategies to form government.

“You know that since Bill 10, I and the UPND have been at loggerheads. They called me all sorts of names. Now we will see which aspect of Bill 10 will make UPND win the elections after Bill 10 was shot down. Another thing is, what are the strategies which will make it possible for the UPND to win elections? When you are fighting a champion you need a clear uppercut, not jabs. What we are hearing from the UPND is the same old story, ‘going forward’ Bally or whatever they are calling him, it is not sufficient. We need people who will clearly say how it will be done, what are the big problems? Then we would be able to dive in,” he said.

“We are not hearing those things. I know how the government works, I have been part of the government during the MMD government. Going forward, it is better I support the PF government. So far, you have seen what they are doing, the empowerment programs which they are implementing, you have seen the development they have done. Those are the things which will make people vote for the PF. Where is the message from UPND?”

And Kasonso said he would not recontest his seat because his focus would be to campaign for President Lungu.

He further said Zambians would return the PF government back into power.

“It is a lot of things which make a person move on. Even in a football team, it is not because of one match that you played badly and then the players start moving. Cornelius Mweetwa (UPND spokesperson) said ‘Kasonso left the party’ so what do you want me to do? To continue forcing myself on UPND? For what? I was a huge factor in UPND. So I can’t force myself to be part of the UPND team, they have confirmed themselves that ‘as far as they are concerned, I and Professor Lungwangwa are not part of their team’ so that’s it. But I can tell you that the Zambian people will return the PF government back into power. I am not contesting in my constituency. My focus will be to campaign for President Edgar Lungu to win,” said Kasonso.