UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the PF must be removed from government because people have continued to suffer under their administration.

Speaking to Mpulungu residents, Wednesday, Hichilema called on the people to vote for the UPND, stating that the whole country had decided to change government.

“12th August whether he likes it or not kuya bebele, we have suffered enough, we want to liberate the people of Mpulungu. Things have become expensive, cement is now expensive, cooking oil is now expensive, we want change. I am asking for three things, all of you go and campaign door to door, campaign for change. On the 12th of August, wake up early and go to the polling station and vote for the UPND. The whole country has changed, don’t remain behind people of Mpulungu. When you go and vote this time it is a suit, councillor UPND, chairman UPND, MP UPND and President. Bally will fix it,” Hichilema said.

“After you vote, don’t go home, the PF like stealing votes. People of Mpulungu you have suffered, they have made you suffer, they are beating you here, you are strong. The PF are buying voters cards, don’t sell your voters’ card. If you sell your voters [cards] then you have sold your child. Then you want hunger for another five years, can you manage? Don’t sell your voters card. They will be coming to give you money that they have stolen, that money is yours. If the PF brings K1,000 tell them ‘I have a lot of voters in the house give me K10,000’. PF’s money is yours, get that money.”

And speaking earlier in Mbala, Hichilema promised the people of Mbala that he would reduce the price of fertilizer.

“12th August whether he likes it or not kuya bebele, tuchinje twachula (we need to change, we have suffered), we have suffered enough. Everything is now expensive; cooking oil is now expensive. We want change. Children are not going to school, if a child completes school, there is no employment. We want to help the people of Mbala, we have to end hunger in your homes. Secondly, we want to take children to school whether they are orphans, we will take them to school,” said Hichilema.

“Here in Mbala you are farmers, do you know that HH is a farmer. How much are you buying fertilizer? Because HH, Bally we will bring down the price of fertilizer to K250. We will work on everything; the country is destroyed. Have you seen the roads? I will bring down the Dollar because I am a businessman like yourselves. Vote for change.”