MMD leader Nevers Mumba says the report suggesting he has been paid US$1 million by PF to withdraw from the presidential race and cause election postponement is nonsensical and seeks to dent his integrity.

And Mumba says President Edgar Lungu should stop interfering with God’s destiny of him becoming President after Thursday’s general elections.

Speaking during a media briefing, Monday, Mumba said the report suggesting he had been paid to withdraw from the presidential race was not only fake but nonsensical.

“We are pursuing the authors of that statement which claims that the PF has given me a million dollars so I can pull out of the presidential race. This assertion does not only seek to dent my integrity but also does not make sense. The threat to withdraw [from the race] that the MMD expressed in the ECZ meeting was due to the criminality of the PF and the ECZ’s failure to charge them for interfering with the candidature. It is the fight between us and the PF that made us say to the ECZ that if you do not manage PF, there is no point in remaining on the ballot because of our results and the voting process. We call on the international community to talk to ECZ to conduct their mandate. PF must tell the nation using ZNBC and correct the evil that they have created. Let us be civil,” he said.

“I would like to ask those who write such articles to give me respect. A million Dollars? Why don’t you first start at a 100 so that we talk about value? I have not received any kind of money from anyone. This is not only fake news but falls under cyberbullying as it attacks my integrity as a candidate in this election. There are Zambians who believe that story and can affect their decision to vote for me. What I bring to politics is moral leadership and once that is attacked, then they are taking away any value that I bring to politics. Jesus was accused of something worse than that so we are going to deal with it.”

Mumba insisted that he would not withdraw from the presidential race.

“On withdrawal, my candidature remains vulnerable on the lies that PF is spreading that we are in an alliance. This is daylight robbery of votes by PF. They are using public media, which we have no access to, to spread this lie. I have interrogated the cost to the country over withdrawal and have for the third time to forgo my own rights to a free and fair participation in this election. The PF did the same injustice to me in 2015 and 2016. Anytime I am confronted with a decision to choose between my individual rights and safety of the nation, I have always chosen to suffer personal loss than to lose the corporate good of my country. I wish to make it clear that I am not withdrawing from the race but under an official dispute with the ECZ,” he said.

And Mumba said many Zambians were tired of President Lungu’s lawlessness and wanted change.

“I have always thought that things said about President Edgar Lungu are not fair but today, I want to talk about it. The rumour about our possible withdrawal was an unacceptable behaviour of President Lungu. I, along with many Zambians are tired of President Lungu’s lawlessness. His appreciation of criminally minded people, yet he is supposed to defend the constitution. That is being reckless. If you want MMD so bad Mr President, come and get it but do not use government machinery. Do you want to be president of two political parties? You have used your presidency to interfere with God’s destiny. Anyone who fights MMD, you have awarded them with a cabinet position, stop that. You will not always be President of Zambia and GOD will not overlook your sabotage on fellow Zambians,” he said.

“You cannot spend the rest of your presidency fighting me and sponsoring people to destroy the prospects of this country. How do you know Mr President, maybe you are standing in God’s way of destiny? I ask you, like I have never stood in your way, do not stand in my way. I have prayed for this and I am speaking by the spirit. If I were to warn you Mr President, lay your hands off this destiny because it is too much.”

Mumba revealed that MMD had declared an official dispute with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

“The New Hope MMD has finally declared an official dispute with and against the ECZ. Our efforts to get fair treatment from the commission have failed. For more than one year, we have engaged the ECZ on several concerns with creating a level playing field ahead of this year’s election. Our numerous correspondence to the commission attests to the fact that we chose the most civil way to deal with our differences with the commission. The response of the commission has been that of abrogating the constitutional obligation to present the Zambian people a free and fair election,” he said.

“On June 2nd this year, we presented documented evidence of the PF illegally announcing an alliance with the MMD with the view to defraud, misinform and disadvantage the MMD and its presidential candidate in this year’s election. We have since written two more letters to the commission with the same complaint and the ECZ has openly been non-responsive to our letters. The commission lacks objectivity, fairness and impartiality. The current heightened political tension in the country can be partly blamed on the neutrality of the commission. The MMD exposes the unholy marriage between the PF and the ECZ. I want to confirm that in our view, the ECZ is a danger to security. The allegations of under-age and foreign voters which have not been cleared up to now is worrying.”

Meanwhile, Mumba urged politicians to ensure that the electoral process was free and fair, and not just focus on winning elections.

“Every word that comes out of my mouth comes with heavy responsibility and accountability. I would never say anything that would injure the destiny and dignity of my great country which I have suffered for so many years. The next few days are extremely important. I wish to be clear that if this election goes violent and deadly, our eyes of blame should be on the shoulders of the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Zambia police. The only way we can be assured of safety is if these two institutions vacate their sworn allegiance to the ruling party and move to the center and be representatives of all Zambians. As of today, the disposition of these two institutions causes the greatest threat to peace before, during and after these elections,” said Mumba.

“All of us running in this election, let us not be occupied with just winning the election. Let us look at the process because we will have a shock of our lives if we do not look at the process.”