PF National Mobilisation Committee Member Bizwell Mutale says he believes that President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema will take care of every Zambian despite their political affiliation.

In an interview, Mutale said he would work with the incoming administration and support their policies which would benefit Zambians.

“We are waiting for the President-Elect to be sworn in and we settle down, then we can assess everything that happened, after all, we are One Zambia, One Nation. We need to work with the government of the day. Nothing has changed, we have only changed the party but the country remains the same, the people and the civic rights remain the same. So we are going to reassess everything after the inauguration and be able to give a correct comment. For now, let us give respect to the current elected government. We will work with them until such a time. We will work with the incoming government. We will work jointly together and support each other. We cannot go the other way round but this is our government that has come in. For now, it is our government and for now, he is our president and we do not have a choice because we are one people,” said Mutale.

“There will be no such a thing as segregation. The President-Elect is a president of the Republic of Zambia and not the president of the UPND. He is not just a party president but of the Republic of Zambia. And I want to argue with those that feel left out that President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema will take care of every Zambian. He will take care of everyone, be it those in opposition or NAREP and any other party as long as you are a Zambian including all the oppositions. We do not have to feel neglected or whatever, he is going to take care of every Zambian. It is the duty of the state President and it is the right of every Zambian to uphold the rule of law and to support the government of the day.”