THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) says PF secretary general Davies Mwila is currently being investigated for some crimes, in his individual capacity.

In an interview, DEC public relations officer Mathias Kamanga confirmed that Mwila the commission “called on” Mwila, Thursday, so that he could assist them with some information.

He, however, said he could not give out any information regarding the same case because it was still in its infancy.

“So, I can confirm that we called in the secretary general for the Patriotic Front, but not as an SG but as an individual as Davies Mwila to just come and assist us with investigations, in a case that is going on. I hope you know the difference between the two, when you call somebody in their official capacity, it is different from calling them in their individual capacity. So, there is a case that we have been investigating for the past couple of weeks, in which we invited him. The Commission felt that he could assist us with information,” said Kamanga.

“The case that we are investigating, I am not at liberty to disclose because it is still at a raw stage where we are still gathering information. So, he was called in to come and assist us with information. He is still being interviewed if I am not mistaken, I am not at the office but he is still being interviewed. So, we called on him just to assist us with that.”