SESHEKE UPND member of parliament Romeo Kang’ombe says he is planning to move a motion to remove former president Edgar Lungu’s immunity in the National Assembly.

In an interview, Kang’ombe said he wanted to move the said motion out of love for Lungu because people perceived him as a person who looted and destroyed the economy.

“I am still seeing how best we can do it basically, but the bottom line is that it is good for him. I am going to do that out of love for him. The people of Zambia perceive him as the person who looted, destroyed the economy of this country, a lot of illicit financial flows, so it is only prudent that we strip him of that immunity, so that the relevant authorities can question him and so that he can exonerate himself, so that we can get rid of these speculations and what not,” Kang’ombe said.

“So at an appropriate time, definitely, if it is not me then it is someone else to push in that motion. I would love to do that out of love and out of positivity that people should not say that ‘president Lungu did ABCD and we just left him scot free’, no! So, we will definitely push in a motion and ensure the old man can go to rest without speculations. So definitely I will be glad to be the one doing that.”

Kang’ombe said speculations about corruption in the PF regime could only be cleared if Lungu’s immunity was removed.

“It is my democratic right; we see things from different angles. I am seeing this from the point of view where the former head of state should be taken [out] of this mere speculation. The truth can only be gotten from him if we strip that immunity from him, so that he can freely answer not from anyone but from the authorities. So that we put aside these speculations. So, anyone who loves him would want that to happen to him so that we can stop talking about the man. The man is in his retirement, but people are busy saying no ‘let us do this’,” said Kang’ombe.

“As a representative of the people, it is only prudent that we listen and we say that ‘you know what okay, let us help the big man answer’. The only way we can help him answer is by way of pushing a motion, gunner the vote then we are good to go. So, I will definitely be glad to be the one to do that out of love.”