MATERO PF member of parliament Miles Sampa says he will only consider contesting the PF’s presidency if the environment is free and fair.

In an interview, Sampa said he would only consider contesting the seat if the convention was open to everyone.

He also recounted how he was attacked on social media and internally when he pointed out why the PF lost elections.

“Well, I am just watching because immediately when we lost, I pointed out why we lost and I was attacked big time, on social media that time, internally. Now I see the same thing I said, maybe I said it too early, is the same thing that everybody is saying. The youths who attacked me for saying that are the ones who are saying it. The thing about rebranding is just rebranding, you don’t take a bottle of Fanta and repackage it in a similar way and say it is rebranding. I have always advocated for elections a bit like what happens at the ANC. Even prior to the last general conference at Mulungushi, we were all hopeful that the elections are going to take place, but in the president’s wisdom, he opted just to assent to a list which the constitution allows him. Unfortunately, that breeds discontent amongst the members,” said Sampa.

“So, for now I am just an ordinary member and I am enjoying it that way, but let us see, first they change the parameters and the rules of the game. If it is fair play, I may consider, but for now the way things are, the constitution is not amended, it is not fair play. If the convention is open to everybody and may the best candidate win, I might consider. But otherwise, I am happy to just remain an ordinary member.”