FORMER vice-president Enock Kavindele has called on the UPND government to name and shame corrupt leaders from the previous regime so that the vice doesn’t repeat itself.

In an interview, Kavindele said Zambians were anxiously waiting for government to reveal the results of their investigations.

He said it was unfair that people in the PF government had become instant billionaires when Zambians were suffering.

“I know and I am aware that the Zambian people are anxiously waiting for government to come up with a result of their investigation. In a country where people have only one meal, a meal after every other day, it is not fair that others can just help themselves in government and become instant billionaires. That shouldn’t be allowed. On corruption or ill acquired wealth, the FIC is an initiative of the UN. So, if one steals money here and puts money in another country which is a member of the UN, the FIC in that country is obliged to record. So, if anyone has stolen and hidden the money, it is a question of time whether the money comes back or they will be arrested,” Kavindele said.

“It has happened in Angola, where people hide money but when the government of Angola asked for that information, they got it and the money was brought back. But it is important that the government names and shames those people who have done wrong things against the people of Zambia. There is no point in just returning the money and keeping quiet because this thing will continuously repeat itself. So those people should be named and shamed. Zimbabwe did that weeks ago, they produced a list and names of people involved. That is the only way you can stop this, by naming and shaming them.”

Kavindele commended President Hakainde Hichilema for appearing on a radio call-in programme.

“I would like to commend President Hichilema for his innovation in producing that radio call-in programme. It is extremely useful because the President is able to say things that he normally wouldn’t say to the members of the public. So, it is an extremely well-defined initiative, he spoke very well and covered many points that the President would not normally cover if he just called for a press briefing. That one I would encourage him to continue because he is able to state a lot of issues,” said Kavindele.

“Those who listened to him very carefully, he had picked up a lot of issues there. So, the President did a good job and I hope he can do it once a month, even twice a month it will still be fine. It is not possible to do it every day but we are getting this thing from what we call the horse’s month, not from rumours.”