LATE president Michael Sata’s son Mulenga Sata has rejoined the ruling UPND, saying it’s clear to him that he has no political future in PF.

In an interview, Tuesday, Sata said he wanted to be in a party that appreciates and respects him.

“Defected is a wrong term, what I have done is that I have renewed my relationship with the UPND. Whatever the case is, I have officially harmonized with the UPND. I think for some time now it has been very clear to me that I have no political future in PF for whatever reason. For me, I join politics with relevance and if I’m seen as irrelevant to the PF, it’s better I go somewhere where they respect me and appreciate what I do,” said Sata.

In 2018, Sata rejoined the former ruling Patriotic Front after toiling in UPND and announcing his resignation from politics.