NEWLY appointed Drug Enforcement Agency director general Mary Chirwa says DEC will be on the top of the map.

In an interview, Saturday, Chirwa attributed her appointment and new assignment to God, saying it was for a purpose.

“Of course I am waiting for the swearing in [ceremony] for me to confidently speak about the appointment, the announcement is one step. I think generally, those who know me will know that anything and everything that happens I attribute it to God and not to any human being. So I do sincerely thank God for the new role and assignment that he has given me through the appointment that the Head of State has done. I believe that it is at the right time and for a purpose,” she said.

She said she was going to DEC with a positive mind and hoped to score the exact success she scored at the Financial Intelligence Centre.

“My belief is that any institution is as good as the people in it. Therefore, the successes of FIC were not squarely on my shoulders as much as yes, I provided leadership through the grace of God, I think I had a great team. The signage in that institution is superb and hence the successes that you were able to see and I pray and believe that it will be the same for DEC. You believe in the people that you are going to, you go with a positive mind and know that in everything, God will guide and I know that DEC will be on top of the map,” said Chirwa.

On Friday President Hakainde Hichilema appointed Chirwa as Drug Enforcement Commission Director General, taking over from Dr Musonda Simwayi whose contract was terminated.