PF DEPUTY national chairperson Davies Chama says he has information that some Ministers are bad mouthing President Hakainde Hichilema because they are not happy about the way he is managing the affairs of the country.

And Chama says it is unfortunate that UPND can even target small political parties to facilitate fights.

In an interview, Chama said the same way President Hichilema was bad mouthing his ministers and other government officials was the say way they were also talking about him.

“You know, people are intelligent in UPND and people are disliking the way they are being managed. You know, they cannot speak publicly and they are saying please do not mention my name. The way he is talking about his Ministers, his Ministers are also talking about him in a bad way. They are bad mouthing him. Balebalanda ba President by his own lieutenants and people he sits on the table with,” Chama said.

“So they are also discussing him and the way he is managing things because they are not happy and pleased. So the way he is accusing them that they are being taught how to steal and siphon money, they are also discussing how community house is managing the state of the nation.”

And commenting on the leaked audio in which Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security permanent secretary for administration Josephs Akafumba and Special Assistant to the President for Politics Levy Ngoma are heard plotting how to handle some leadership wrangles in the opposition Democratic Party, Chama said it seemed no one in the ruling party took charge of what was going on.

“Hakainde Hichilema said a lot of things while in opposition and during his inauguration. But what his government is doing is something different. You heard what Levy Ngoma said that he was actually being questioned by his superiors following up on the same issue. So even if they say they do not have a hand in whatever is happening, most of the things that are happening, they have a hand and they know what is going on,” he said.

“As a President, if information has been brought to your attention the President receives an intelligence briefing every morning. Once something is in the public domain and you are aware about it, you can intervene and say stop this. No senior person from UPND seems to take control of what is happening. I do not know how they will manage this country and it is very frightening.”

Chama said it was unfortunate that UPND wanted to facilitate fights in small political parties.

“Now that they have the instruments of power, it will now manifest itself in a very dangerous way. It is unfortunate that they want to destroy our democracy even in small parties that do not have members of parliament. They can even target small political parties and facilitate fights. What is their intention and fear? Maybe they are fearing somebody that he is a potential presidential hopeful in 2026? Maybe that is why they are targeting everybody because they are scared of everybody. They can come up with trumped up charges just to frighten people and those who are scared will keep quiet,” he said.

“They want to have a free reign of doing their wrong things but they are mistaken. If anything, they are increasing the resolve of the Zambian people to be more determined and ensure checks and balances until 2026. So what transpired is very unfortunate. Fortunately, nothing is hidden. They are telling us what is happening. It is not only that recording but we are getting a lot of things that are happening with the UPND, including the differences that have started happening, if anything the micro management of State House by his Ministers and entire party.”

Chama said Zambians would pass a verdict on what was happening when the time comes.

“The Zambian people are very intelligent even though they may appear docile, sometimes quiet but they will just be observing you and they will come and make a verdict when the time comes. So for me, I am not even amused or surprised by what is going on. We have always said that these are pathological and shameless liars. They lie without shame. They have no shame and they do not even have a conscience,” said Chama.

“So it is like a species you cannot understand. You know, there must be some level of decency because they are doing exactly what they were opposing. You cannot understand these human beings and you cannot understand this political party. You cannot understand what they stand for because they do not even believe in anything. So for me, it is a bunch of people who are sadists and they do not care.”