DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba says UPND is quickly eroding the confidence which the public has in them.

And Kalaba has described President Hakainde Hichilema’s trip to South Africa as a scam.

In an interview, Kalaba said UPND was becoming intolerant to anybody who was trying to advise them.

“Clearly, you can see that the UPND is becoming very intolerant to anybody trying to oppose or trying to advise them. This I know it all syndrome is growing very rapidly and it is very sad. When UPND was voted into government, we all thought that the UPND was going to be measured but they are moving very fast in eroding the confidence that the Zambian people had in them, very fast!” he exclaimed.

He said it was unfortunate that State House had refused to act on the leaked audio when police had recorded a warn and caution statement from a KBN Television journalist.

“On the other hand, you are doing a warn and caution statement on a journalist on hearsay. Why are you doing warning and caution statements on hearsay? Then on the other hand you are saying we can’t comment because it is hearsay but on the other hand you are doing a warn and caution. I think that is not right. Those are double standards. Those are double standards which are just made to intimidate the media. They are intimidating the media so that you the media should stop functioning in the manner you should be functioning. They have not lived up to the expectations of the Zambian people. They are even becoming more repressive than the former regime,” Kalaba said.

He said it was hypocritical of the UPND to harass journalists and citizens using the Cyber Security Law when they were against it.

“Also, isn’t it hypocrisy of the highest order that they were against the cyber security law, but the same law that they were against is the same law they want to use on defenceless journalists who are trying to be objective and investigative and you News Diggers! are one of those who are investigative. I think you in the media should really come up together and begin talking for one another because the UPND promised media freedom, we are not seeing it, they promised the Freedom of Information Bill, no one is talking about it,” he said.

“They were against the Cyber Security bill, they said when they form government in August 2021, the first law they are going to abolish is the cyber security bill. Up to now that law is still in existence and they are now using it against you people in the media industry. They are using it against leaders who are trying to question issues using the same repressive law which they condemned. So where is the difference? What were you condemning then? Because people should learn to walk the talk, people should learn to say and lead what they do and by what they say.”

And Kalaba said President Hichilema’s trip to South Africa was a scam.

“They said they will not be traveling, but look at how they are traveling all over. Now they are even going to attend private book launches. There are so many youths who are launching books in this country, imagine if our President went and attended a book launch for that youth in Mazabuka, that youth in Mumbwa, that youth in Kitwe, just imagine how it would be. There are so many church choirs who are launching albums, why isn’t the President going to attend those launches? But in South Africa where you have to use state machinery, he has gone to attend. You know, I have always supported foreign travel myself because I know it is important, but foreign travel to go and launch a book of a friend and we should spend taxpayers money is a scam,” said Kalaba.