FORMER PF secretary general Davies Mwila says both former and current Ministers should explain their wealth.

Commenting on former education minister Michael Kaingu’s remarks that government was not targeting any person and that people should simply substantiate their wealth, Mwila said individuals must be able to account for their wealth.

“He is right, they have to explain their wealth, some were businessmen, they were in government, they were doing business. Others were not doing business, so each individual must explain. But the problem that is there is that government is not doing that, government is not doing that. We are not saying that if one steals they must be spared, they must account for their wealth. I agree with him. Others were businessmen, so they have to be asked where they got the money from, all of us, even those in government,” he said.

“The former ministers and current ministers must be investigated. Because if the current Ministers have started involving themselves in acts of corruption, the government must come in, that is why the President should not just be talking, he must act. The fight against corruption is not for one group, it is for the politicians and the civil servants and everyone. Then they will achieve what they want.”

Mwila said the corruption fight would not yield its intended results because government was only targeting PF members.

He wondered how the UPND Lusaka provincial chairman Obvious Mwaliteta had a new Benz within the five months of his party forming government.

“They have been in government for six months, now who has been found guilty? They are just searching people for nothing, they think that they have buried money but it is not there. Not only that, the problem that they have is that they have concentrated much on politicians. There are civil servants who are owning big mansions, they can’t be followed. That is why this fight against corruption is targeted at politicians, it is bound to fail. It must spread [to] all the civil servants, why should a civil servant who gets K12,000 own 12 properties? The problem that is there is that you are targeting the PF, what about those in government? We are talking about the provincial chairman for Lusaka (Obvious) Mwaliteta, how can he have a new Benz within five months, how? It is because you are targeting at one group, they are bound to fail. They have to go to politicians, they have to go to civil servants,” said Mwila.