MATERO constituency PF member of parliament Miles Sampa says he has now opted to be silent because he has spoken a few times about what he does not agree with in the party but has not been heard.

In an interview, Sampa said there was a lot he could say especially about the Kabwata by-election results, but had opted to keep quiet.

“There is a lot I can say but I would rather keep quiet for now. I will keep quiet as long as it is necessary for now. I think it is after Kabwata, I undertook to just keep quiet and observe and listen. There is a lot that I do not agree with but for now the best is just stay mute. The few times we have spoken, we have not been heard so why continue to speak if they do not listen? So we will keep quiet for now but at some point if it is necessary, we will be able to speak. Just not now,” said Sampa.

Recently, the PF top leadership expressed concern that PF MPs were not taking matters of the party seriously, after only 15 out of 60 law makers showed up for a meeting to which they had been invited.